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October 23 2009

(SPOILER) The Fascinating No-Consent Fantasia of Dollhouse and Mad Men. New York Magazine's Emily Nussbaum compares the depictions of sexual power in Dollhouse and Mad Men's recent episodes.

Are the spoilers just for episodes that have already aired?
Nope, includes spoilers for "Belonging."
Oh, that's ok for me... it already aired here. :)
Haha. Nussbaum calls her Lichen Dachman.
This was a great, great read. My eyeballs feel privlaged.
Loved the comparison of the sexual politics on Dollhouse and Mad Men.
Wev'e come a long way since the early sixties. So far that it now requires high-tech mind wipes to create women who will unquestioningly do a man's bidding. In theory. In the developed western world.

Thanks Joss, you really are my hero.
I can't be the only person who follows two (2) TV shows closely: Dollhouse and Mad Men. (Several other shows are fun--like Castle! And I'll start obsessing about Lost when it returns.) Rather than delve into sexual politics, I'll point out some of the links between Mad Men and WhedonWorld. Obviously, Whedon alums Vincent Kartheiser & Christina Hendricks are featured on MM.

Last season ended with Sterling Cooper (where the Mad Men work) being sold to a British firm; this season, they are dealing with the effects of the sale. The Brit In Charge, played by Jared Harris (Richard Harris's son) has slowly become an ally of the Americans. One of the commentators at Basket of Kisses (the premiere MM fan site) exclaims that his character has evolved from "Villain" to "Rupert Giles."

On the last show, disturbing news of Sterling Cooper's future arrived in a phone call from London. To support the plan, the Evil British Overlord expected "all the flowers in the vase." An eerie echo of of Adele (using a similar accent) speaking of "three flowers in a vase." MM has no undercover Ninja assassins. But you'd be amazed at the bloody carnage a tipsy secretary can create with a driving lawn mower.

Mad Men has three more shows this season, but has already been renewed for Season 4. Alas for Dollhouse--especially in light of last night's stunning episode.

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These are the only two dramas currently on that I watch. Great article!
Shey wrote: "... it now requires high-tech mind wipes to create women who will unquestioningly do a man's bidding. In theory. In the developed western world."

In the 1950s, as in other times, plenty of women had questions about doing a man's bidding, but they may not have been in the position to voice those questions. It may seem like I'm arguing semantics, but that's what makes Dollhouse different. Personalities are created not to question, even silently, the desires of the client.

Today, the West has plenty of women who belong to different denominations or sects that see women as subordinate to men. Other women think they are independent, but may still see male leadership as more natural and inspiring.
Two of the three dramas I am currently watching, the other being Dexter. (Also with Keith Carradine guesting!)

Good article. I think I have to digest "Belonging" a little bit more.

What struck me especially is the specific notion of a woman being told that she's crazy in order to be placed under a man's power. Gaslight reminiscent, yes, but the story has much more ramifications. You are not under my power, therefore there is something wrong with you.

And she kills the man tormenting her--gets the closure she couldn't in "Needs"--but it's at the cost, perhaps, of her soul; she's covered in blood, like Victor's vision earlier in the episode. The only way out is to rely on masculine notions of power? I'm not quite sure I have it all figured out.

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Do people who kill their attackers lose their souls? Do soldiers who kill lose their souls?

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