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October 23 2009

(SPOILER) Promo for the first two-hour Dollhouse "event" in December. Regardless of what Fox are calling the next two episodes, they look like stunning television.

What is Fox calling the next two episodes that you find objectionable?
I'd just like them to be simply called the next two Dollhouse episodes not an "event". I don't trust Fox.
Wow. The whole series is shifting into the gear of brilliance for it's final lap. Love it. Love Miracle. Love Summer. Love the 15 feet joke. December can't come soon enough.
And look, there's Maurissa.

The two hour event is the sales pitch for the next 6 episodes.
"Dollhouse is taking some time off..." sounds like a PR rep when a movie star goes to rehab or something. Ha. Looks great though.
"Dollhouse is taking some time off..

For some reason that reminded me of the jawdropping "have they no shame?" promo that The WB aired at the end of 'Not Fade Away'.
"lets play"

Oh boy.
That sleeper doll thing was a pretty major spoiler for a promo...

Yey for Summer, Mo and Miracle!!!
Maybe they were thinking people had already guessed it.
Or maybe it isn't about who we think it is.
Ooo a misleading promo. Can they do that?
LOL, Summer Glau looks like she is channeling Shirley Manson/Weaver from Terminator in that trailer. I thought she was going to do a Topher.

Trailer looks promising. Can't wait to find out why November would ____ or what happens with Wesley and where Summer Glau fits in.
Someone might want to tell Fox that that Dollhouse does not air next week.
TV Guide still has both the 10/30 and 11/6 episodes complete with descriptions up on their website. Kind of makes one wonder if thy still may change their minds. You know, again.
TV listings are going to lag, given the suddeness. FOX lags itself because their web people are two interns in a Romanian forest yurt.
I'm glad the sleeper thing is out there. Considering it was done with Mellie/November (done very well, of course), the shock value is officially gone and it would just be an exploitation of the audience. The first time was great, and I'm glad it isn't about surprise for the second time.
Are they talking about Summer Glau's character with the "sleeper" thing though, or Senator Perrin's wife ? Was that her in the promo ? I saw a short-haired blonde who looked wifey.
And the yurt web-people keep goats, so they have other commitments too.
Ooo a misleading promo. Can they do that?

SyFy did it all the time with Battlestar! So I don't see why FOX couldn't do it with Dollhouse. That'd be cool. I LOVE misleading promos, hehe.
I have mixed feelings about the December double-headers. While I love seeing more Dollhouse, carving 2 hours away from my family (who's not into Dollhouse) will be tough. As-is, we go to a Friday dinner and easily make it home by nine. But getting home by 8... that's harder.

I wonder if this earlier start-time will hurt ratings?
Just want to say that's a good promo. Maybe the best Fox has done. Maybe WhyIWatch has inspired someone. Besides us.
The trailers at the end of episodes have generally been better than the commercials.
Yeep. Looks like Summer plays a real creeper in these episodes. I can't wait! Like seriously. I can't. *cries*
Simon, calling the broadcasting of two episodes back to back an "event" is a good thing. Calling it an event makes it seem more important that just a regular episode.

Fox may not be trying very hard - they at least are trying a little.
Oooowww...That two-parter looks great! I can't wait! Need to see it.! *Now* :)
Why don't they air the trailers as the commercials then? I don't think I've seen an oridinary Dollhouse commercial before, because other than Dollhouse I don't watch television. Does anyone have a link to some? I'm curious to see just how terrible they are.
Thanks for the HD, b!x!
I still suspect that Madeline is the sleeper. Unless that's the obvious thing, in which case I assume they mean the wife? Who was sort of suspicious already? Maybe Echo's the sleeper? Sierra is, and is off screen? Are the "she" in danger and "she" who's sleeping the same? Oh third person pronouns, you add so much intrigue...

Other interesting points raised: Are they gonna be forced to use the writers as extras now to save money? I sorta wished Mo would play a bigger role than active #3...
Did Topher get a haircut? (And on this point, has Fran and/or Topher always had freckles? I never really noticed until some point during Belonging which seemed like they were punching up his youthy amoral innocence)
What's up with Summer's wry "aw shucks I'm evil" smirk? That and the cute barrette make me think Little Rascals so I'm rather curious...

Then as for the "event" billing, maybe it'll be sufficient to trick non-watchers into checking out the series and they might be able to get over the baggage of "I've never checked this series out" or "there are six attractive women/four attractive men in this series where they're talking about killing people and wacky physical humor antics!"

In any case, it seems like it might be a bit draining to sit through two episodes of this in a row if it maintains the quality/content of these last two episodes in particular. Guest stars, statues, serial killers, short skirts, pseudo-science, stabbing, swynking, psychiatric stints, more stabbing, storms, sulfuric acid...
If by draining you mean awesome and that I'm going to be flailing the entire two hours and probably won't be able to sleep for the next day or so out of pure excitement, then yes. It will be quite draining.

It can't be December soon enough!
I can't see the sleeper being Senator Perrins wife. They seem to have been married for at least a few years and he's only recently apparently come onto the Dollhouse's radar/become a threat.
I just watched the Promo, BAD Summer, BAD.
Maurissa got paid for this episode (to appear in it). They are not using writers to save money as suggested above.
Cannot wait for December Dollhouse nights!

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