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October 24 2009

Neil Patrick Harris adds another musical villain to his repertoire. Last night he battled the Dark Knight himself as the Music Meister on Batman:Brave & Bold animated series.

I watched this about two weeks ago on Cartoon Network over here (UK) and it was amazingly cool. The Brave and the Bold is so cheesy I like it.

Very funny and engaging episode Neil was cool.
Hey as far as typecasting goes, you could do worse than singing supervillain.

Seriously, when the elements are DC, musicals, and NPH, I pretty much think it's made for me.
I saw it because my son had cartoons on -- thought it was hilarious, cheesy, postmodern, very cool. Really captures the spirit of the old Adam West Batman series, with a little Busby Berkely thrown in. It very clearly borrowed the "bad guy makes people sing" idea from OMWF.

Liked it when

Didn't know that was NPH though! I waited for the credits but they flashed by in about a quarter of a second.

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Most all eps of this show are tons of fun, Bader has the cheese-factor down to an art, voice-wise. The animation style is a gas, and the writing is surprisingly sharp. Highly recommended to all Batfans!!

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