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October 24 2009

Vampire Wars: Who's the Best Evil (Yet Hot) Vampire? E!Online wants to know which evil, sexy vampire is the best. In this poll, Spike is up against True Blood's Eric Northman and The Vampire Diary's Damon Salvatore.

Man that's tough and since l'm a guy l gotta go with Julie Benz's Darla. She's wicked and very hot.
Uh... Angelus. The end.
Why isn't Angelus on that list?
project bitsy Agreed!

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Probably because Buffy wasn't sexually involved with Angelus. They are saying that those three vampires fit into the story structure of a girl falling in love with a "soft-hearted vampire" and then later having a relationship with an evil but sexy vampire... which is the type they are polling us on.

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eric northman is basically unquestionably the champ here lol
Actually Spike has been winning for days. And I agree. But that is a lovely banner with the three of them there. No complaints about any of them!
Possibly because Angelus was always scary, not sexy. His thing was sadistic serial killer to the core-- there wasn't a romantic bone in his body. He may have had a pretty face but he was Ted Bundy with teeth.

Spike, on the other hand, was a romantic, so I can see why he'd be picked for a poll like that.
Definitely Spike.
It was a tough call for me at first... poor Damon Salvatorre, his sexy little dance hanging off the banister last ep was nearly enough to win me over. But not quite. And sorry Spike, but it's been a long time. This round goes to Eric Northman.

Although, is Eric Northman really bad? I mean, as far as killing goes, he and Bill are neck and neck (pun intended). Eric's not actually evil, at least not if Bill isn't.

Now I'm second guessing myself!
Wasn't a tough call for me. Maybe when the rest of them have had enough time to go through everything that Spike did, they can hope to match his evil yet sexy versatility. But I doubt it. To date, Spike is in a league of his own.
Spike for the win, no contest.
Spike. Don't like Eric. Don't watch the Lost boy.
Sorry, Spike had to go with Eric. Does that mean I lose "true fan" status?

Any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays.
Spike - blazingly hot, devilishly funny, and a soft gooey centre - what more could a girl want?
Spike will always get my vote, thanks to the marvelous development of his character and JM's amazing ability to portray all his many layers.
Spike everything you could possible want in a Vamp and then some. :)

Makes all these other 'newer' vamp characters look like cardboard cutouts in comparison.
Was not a contest for me..Spike all the way. I do like Damon, very hot, but don't even think Eric is good looking.
Shey, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays."

Seconded debw!

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