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October 18 2003

100 Greatest Sexy Moments. Buffy/Spike scenes from season 6 enables the show to be voted for to find the greatest sexy moments on screen in the UK.

I'd gone with anyime Giles and Jenny were on screen but thats just me. And if I was in charge of the this poll, Lilah pretending to be Fred last season would have got Angel included.

Seeing as how I'm a BtVs I would of loved to vote for anything Buffy/Angel related, but damn it. I couldn't. That sex scene with Spuffy was more disturbing than sexy for moi, hence I voted for something else.

Lilah pretending to be Fred last season would have got Angel included.

Yes, yes! Ooh, or the bit when they're on the phone and she's at a meeting and he tells her to take her panties off... God they were hot together. So much moreso than some of the other moments they list.
Hmmm, not too keen on B/S and 'rampant sex' is right. :)

Personally, I think the 'Lilah and Wesley show' was sexier.
Yeah, I, too, would have voted for Lilah and Wesley, but kinda have to balance out the disturbing factor of Cordy and Connor. Why couldn't the Wolfram and Hart retcon spell remove it from my memory, too?

And was I the only person slightly confused/disturbed that another option on that list was The Simpsons?

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