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October 25 2009

5 Questions With Tahmoh Penikett. Tahmoh talks Dollhouse, Battlestar and THE cult following (that's us BTW).

Short but nice. I've wondered before if new Whedon actors get warned by people that Whedon fanlove is a little fierce.

that's us BTW

I have no idea what you are talking about.
Like Beyoncé! Only with dissecting science fiction plotlines.
I wonder if Ronald D. Moore fans have to look up Joss Whedon's name. I keep forgetting who Ronald D. Moore is.
^^I'd have an easier instant recognition if they just called him Ron Moore.

Damn straight, we're THE cult. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Every fandom has its rabid core. I say this as a girl who once wallpapered her ceiling with tiny magazine cuttings of a certain 80s rock band.

(I wallpapered the walls as well. It wasn't that weird.)
Never really been that in to any one thing though I had phases (walls plastered in posters of planes -> black painted walls plastered in Iron Maiden posters -> walls plastered in movie posters -> plastered walls).

And he's right - nothing says evil gunrunner like an English accent.
If only it had been a band as retrospectively cool as Iron Maiden. I plead being 13.
I like Ronald D. Moore and he can write an interesting world, but there is something about him which sometimes seeps into his writing I just can't stand.

That said, I think Caprica is going to be the most amazing piece of amazingness ever - Jane Espenson thinks it is, so that's enough reason for me to pre-love the entire show and not just its pilot.
If only it had been a band as retrospectively cool as Iron Maiden. I plead being 13.

Yeah but I could've done with some of that 'retrospective cool' back when it was a bit less retrospective ;).

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