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October 26 2009's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Angel Complete Boxset. Angel: Seasons 1-5 Collectors Set on sale for $52.99 with free shipping.

What a deal! This set doesn't come with anything extra to offer though, does it? Regardless of that, I hope it attracts new watchers.
UGH!!! Why at the end of the month when I have no money?! I get paid in like 4 or 5 days, but this does me no good now! Curses! :(
That's only a little over $10 US per season, before taxes. Gotta be one of the best Whedon-on-DVD deals I've ever seen, aside from that one time mispriced the Dollhouse blu-ray at $22 for a bit.
Times like this I wish I didn't already own all things Whedon I could get my hands on. *Sigh* Great deal though, I'll pass the message on! : )

Wish the dvd set came with a little note to watch Dollhouse too!
I am almost tempted to buy a third set at this great price. I hate passing up a
great deal, i got mine for 40 bucks on black friday a few years ago.
When this happenes for Buffy I am buying it. I have all the seasons separately, but I want the box set to match my Angel set. Think they'll ship to the UK when this happens?
I love this set, and so cheap as well! I have the UK budget Angel box set. I mean, its okay, it does its job and fits well with the budget Buffy box but its no-where near the quality of these US releases.
The UK Angel box-set I have looks basically exactly the same as that one. Didn't realise there was a budget set though.

Think they'll ship to the UK when this happens?

I bought the Buffy boxed set a while back (similar special offer) and they shipped it to the UK, no problems. Two things to bear in mind though 1) you'll almost definitely have to pay customs duty on it when it comes through (VAT basically @ the usual 15%) and 2) the US DVDs are ALL in fullscreen format. That's how Joss intended it to be seen BTW but if you're used to the BBC showings - which were in widescreen from season 4 onwards - then it might not be exactly what you're expecting.

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Woo! I've been waiting for this ever since I got the Buffy complete set on a similar deal a year or two ago. I was always worried I'd miss it when it happened - thank goodness for Whedonesque :)

My order is placed!
Just put it in my Shopping Cart. Last time I puttered around and missed it... not so this time!
That is SO cheap. I remember purchasing season 2 when it first came out..$60.
every time these go on sale, i get to wondering when/if blu ray releases will ever happen.
*So* effing tempted. Actually, yeah. That's what I'm buying when I get home.
I wouldn't leave it too late today. These offers can run out at any time.
I got this two years ago when this deal came around! One of the least-regretful impulse buys I've ever made.
Aagh, I paid like $120 and thought I was getting a deal. Well, a couple years back...
Aw, man, I wish I had the money for this! If anyone needs me, I'll be over here cursing the local economy and it's relation to my lack of Angel on DVD.
Wow. What a deal. What a show. (I'm having a moment thinking about how much I love "Angel.") I'm snapping up one of these babies for a family member. Thanks for posting this, bojojoti.
I got this about a year ago when it was the Gold Box Deal of the Day. It was a few dollars cheaper...

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You and me both jaxn. I paid at least 60 for season 1 and 60 for season 2. So glad other people can get the whole thing for that price, what a great deal!
Well I think some people treat DVD packaging like a commodity so older ones may somehow be considered worth more even if they're the exact same content-wise.

For anyone who misses this though, I'm pretty sure Walmart or Target--maybe both? Sell two packs of Buffy and Angel seasons for around $20 or something maybe leaving people to buy the final seasons themselves for a price that's much more akin to this than the prices when they first came out. I'm still surprised they somehow have crammed six discs into a box about the same size as a normal DVD case and yet they still sometimes sell them for cheaper than a movie.

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