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"Did I fall asleep?"
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October 26 2009

"I made this last night and next week someone is going to be murdered in front of it". Or to put it another way, it's that painting from 'Belonging'. Check out the artist Brooke Reidt's website for more of her work (via @MoTancharoen).

More "Self defence" than "Murder"....
"More "Self defence" than "Murder".... "

Depending on your locality, it would be difficult to prove self defense when she went there to confront and provoke, then ended up killing him. Was he a scum bag? Yes. Did he deserve what he got? Yes! Would I like to take that case to trial? Not so sure....

I enjoyed looking at her other paintings on her web site.
Did he deserve what he got? Yes!

An argument could be made that no one deserves to be killed.
"I enjoyed looking at her other paintings on her web site."

I'm having trouble accessing evrything from my computer... Is there more to see than the 3-4 birds she has for sale?
"An argument could be made that no one deserves to be killed."

True enough. But I think the "good" doctor came about as close as you can come....

As shocked as everyone in the episode seemed to be when it happened, I have to wonder what the characters thought would happen. Topher sends her to a known abuser with the capability to defend herself and the knowledge of the wrongs committed against her. She confronts a violent rapist in his own home and says things clearly designed to enrage him. It seems a bit foolish to not believe something very, very bad wasn't inevitable....

I have to wonder if they both secretly, on some dark level, wanted what happened to happen, but were then overwhelmed by the reality of it.

I rather liked the painting but I'm rather confused by the copy on the site. "Ever popular series" seems sort of either cruel, oblivious, or ironic.

Also, I did a very cursory skim and didn't find anything to explain exactly what it means to be an "Element Eden Advocate." Well I just did but I'm curious why their mission is to find a better definition of what it is to be a "girl." Like I was aware of Element as a conscious skateboarding company but I never really knew regarding what.
In fairness they don't say "better" they say "broader and more realistic" and "more inclusive than the media norm and that more girls can relate to" which seems fairly straightforward to me i.e. they're working to correct the current - as they see it narrow - perceptions of women (in the media etc.). Not much of a shock that there's crossover (however tangential) between an organisation like that, a creator like Joss and a show like 'Dollhouse'.

(where does it say 'ever popular series' BTW ?)

To be honest, in the interview she comes across as very self-consciously "artistic" in her answers (though it does say she doesn't sleep much so bit of leeway maybe ;), wasn't too impressed with that. I like her work though and the one under "voila" struck me - I think Echo would feel safe there.
Oh how nice the proceeds will be auctioned! :)
Such a late question, but did anyone here order the Priya's print? And if they did, did they receive it? I ordered mine over nine months ago, and nothing. I have emailed and I just don't get any response. I was wondering if I was the only one with this problem. So.... am I?
No you're not, see the comments at the end of this thread.

There's an email address which may be useful.
Here's a thing that's disconcerting: reading a thread you think is brand new and coming to a a response by you which you have no recollection of posting. Genuinely thought i'd had another blank spot like that time in Whitechapel in the late 1880s.

Moral ? Check the date of the thread before wondering if you've gone banoonoos.
Thank you, Simon. I've already been in contact with Big Cartel and that's how I heard from Brooke in September. Very apologetic. And then, nothing, again.

I'm sort of glad that I am not the only person who has this problem, and sort of not. It's a shame when people get excited and get behind a thing and it just sort of ends up being a let down, you know?

Oh well. I'll continue with the email. Has Brooke got a Twitter account? (I don't Twitter, sorry) Perhaps people should poke her that way?
Big Cartel got back to me already telling me that they've locked down Brooke's on line store. Hopefully this will see some action? *fingers crossed* If anyone else here is still waiting on a print, talk to Karen at Big Cartel. She seems very helpful and understanding.

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