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October 19 2003

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab Brings Harmony to 'Angel'. She tells Zap2it about what to expect from her character this season, a cut scene from 'Disharmony' and her one and only date with James Marsters.

I love Mercedes' interviews, she's something else.

"I don't know if Fred would have the patience for Harmony."

Mercedes, dear, a lot of us have no patience at all for Fred.
I have patience for Fred. In fact, not counting Wesley, Fred is my favorite character on Angel...and no, it's not just because Amy Acker is über-hot.
oh, GAWD. (rolls eyes)

Acker is just about the farthest from "hot" I've ever seen. Her head is way too big for her scrawny little 9-year-old body, and her face is simply ordinary. It seems all it takes is to put some woman, any woman, on the "Tee-Vee," and some geek will slobber like a pavlovian dog.

For truly "hot", see Cordelia, (woman-wise, anyway), AtS season 1, and the first 3 of BtVS.

For the record, I'm not into women, but as one, I can still appreciate gorgeous-ness, and Cordy had it in spades.
Ok....So I take it Cordelia, circa AtS 2-4 should be taken 'round back and put out of her misery for not being "hot" know, because "gorgeous-ness" has definitive rules and regulations...right...
YOU may not find a person worthy of your hotlist,that's cool, but that's no reason to immaturely insult others for sharing their opinion.
It seems all it takes is to put some woman, any woman, on the "Tee-Vee," and some geek will slobber like a pavlovian dog.
If this were true I'd have been fawning over Mrs. Carpenter and that simply never was the case, people just have different tastes in things I s'pose.

And, also, it's not like there's a certain faction of Whedon-show fans that go nuts over men in black leather coats, right? Possibly ones with bleached blonde hair. Or am I crazy?
C'mon take it easy people, lets not get things out of hand.
What do all these comments have to do with the article??
Actually, the longer Cordy was on Angel, the more attractive I found her. As for Fred, it's about her eyes and her smile. And the accent doesn't hurt.

Told that Marsters has just turned 41, the 23-year-old McNab is flabbergasted. "What? I had no idea he was that old. Oh, my gosh, I had no idea.

Glad to know it's not just a product of good makeup work.

I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of Harmony being on the show this season (and am a bit wary still at the idea of 17 of 22 episodes) but I'm at least warming up to it a bit. I think measured doses would be acceptable....
Simon, it's "Mercedes," not "Merdeces." Just a belated FYI. :)
Bollocks you're right. That's the last time I do a blind copy and paste from a Zap2it headline, thanks Oddjob :).
Aw Simon, it was worth it, just to see you use 'bollocks' ;)

(yeah, this is off topic, but so was most of this thread, so I thought I'd throw in my admiration for Simon's slanguage) ;)
Hey, if you folks are going to get all bitchy-gossipy, you should at least take note of the very interesting fact that Ms. McNab had no idea of James Marsters' relatively advanced age, despite apparently knowing him fairly well.

Either Marsters used to obsessively hide his age before the news came out (I'm 41, too, and don't look any particular age, so I understand), or she's got certain similarities with her character....
Didn't Marsters tell the press he stood her up or was impossibly late on their first (and only) date?
Mercedes mentioned to me at a past autograph signing that she and James went out on a single date. She didn't speak of it very fondly, and I got the impression from the tone of her voice, that it didn't go off very well. I didn't press for details though. And she doesn't seem to volunteer much information in this interview either.
MM said that they ended up being just buddies. JM said at SFX that he didn't contact her until later so she said forget it. It is hard to believe that she didn't know his real age (I, myself, don't think he looks it at all, especialy when his hair is not bleached) being that she has attended a con with him and he said his age and she was right there and all...

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