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October 26 2009

DVR figures for the third episode of Dollhouse season 2. It went up from 1.0 to 1.4 in the 18-49 demo, an increase of 40%.

Does DVR viewing include watching from sites like, or any of the individual network websites? Or does that just include tivo/cable/etc devices?
DVR viewing does not include those other viewing methods, no. Generally, we never hear about those viewing figures.

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I think that this has to be measured appropriately. While this is indeed a large jump in terms of the initial ratings, 40% of a small number remains a small number and is not going to significantly help the program.

What is interesting to me in broader terms is how networks plan to take advantage of the various viewing methods now being used. There is original broadcast viewing, TiVo and DVR numbers, Hulu and Fox and iTunes viewing, etc. What this means, rather obviously, is that the current business model is failing badly; there is still reliance on original broadcast viewing to set advertising rates, still production costs to account for, and no way to accurately predict numbers as yet.
Has anyone been keeping track of all these numbers and putting them in a spreadsheet or graph anywhere?
I dare say, when one adds in iTunes and Hulu and Fox on Demand, Dollhouse would be close to 100% viewing in addition to live TV viewing. Quite interesting in and of itself, if I'm right on that
sab39, I've taken up this task here. The Season 1 data is from the wikia place bix mentioned, and the rest is updated as we go.
It is now updated with this data (at whedonesque.ORG).
Come on guys, Robert Seidman from would like post here, but he can't - how about giving him an account? :)
(He's really polite and all ;)
Hunted, I don't know if he's tried this but maybe he can e-mail Simon or Caroline directly?

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