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October 26 2009

When galaxies collide! Felicia Day talks science in this NASA Public Service Announcement about our impending doom.

That was awesome.
It's even better on rewatch. I didn't notice the title and quote on the cover of Sean Astin's audiobook the first time through. I've been watching humorless science videos online all afternoon and this is great science and also very well written.
"What in the name of Joss Whedon" is my new favorite saying of the day. ;)
Deepgirl187: Haha, definetly
That was full of awesome!
"What in the name of Joss Whedon was that?!" made me LOL.

Plus the
- That's a lot of billions...
- Yeah. Three.

And the final "Felicia Day..." *something something*.

Really cool, funny and educational.
That was excellent!
"Also starring Buffy Henshaw": Felicia with Buffy again!
Buffy? No, really.
Loved it. Love the fact that Spitzer thought to do something like this, and Felicia was game.
this was awesome. Now I'm totally gonna say "what in the name of Joss Whedon was that?"
Funny and informative. I'm fairly sure there are broadcasing regulations designed to stop that. :)
I like that Felicia has such nerd/science cred that she could play herself in this. Great fun.
Loved it. :) *warm fuzzies*
Wow. That was an actually funny bit of popular science. Which, y'know, is very hard to do. This is basically one of the greatest things I've seen this week. Color me impressed :).

I've been watching humorless science videos online all afternoon and this is great science and also very well written.

Hey, that's how some of my afternoons look as well ;). Is watching those videos part of your job, Sunfire, or are you just watching out of general interest?
Just to be clear, I bloody love Felica Day.
That was awesome! She needs to do some more PSA'a for NASA. She has the cred, education, and personality to make it fun and interesting.

Great stuff.
I love that NASA apparently has the tech to fire balls of video imagery onto the screen, but can't afford to hire Sean Astin. Or mix a better tape of his voice.
Yeah, I loved the image gun gag even if it did get sorta old. At the very least it was consistent though.

And didn't Sean Astin direct an episode of Angel? Shouldn't we modify the descriptor to acknowledge his contribution to both the realms of Jane Austen audiobooks and the Whedonverse?

This was pretty cute though, I love it when there are celebrities who I actually buy having any sort of intense interest or credibility for whatever it is they're implicitly supporting. Like the best pairings of celebrity to "word of the day" on Sesame Street.
Heh, very funny stuff. Felicia does patient-but-perplexed brilliantly. And it's fitting that she should know a bit about the universe that she will, if there's any justice, one day be President of.

Also, there's just no way for there to be too many Obi Wan shout-outs. Truth.

(it's a pity they couldn't get the real Sean Astin's Audiobook to take part - that's an adaptation that's really going places, it's everywhere right now - but I guess Sean Astin is the next best thing. And yep, he directed 'Soulless' and did a nice job of it too from what I remember)
Great stuff! Now I'll have to bite my tongue to keep from going around saying "What in the name of Joss Whedon was that?".
Especially since most everyone I know already thinks I'm a bit over the top, on the subject of Joss. :)
Normally Phil Plait talks a lot of sense but an unhealthy crush on Felicia Day ?

That's just daft.
Oh, hell, there is more funny here. In the link that witchlover provides, you can click on a link and get a photo of the author Phil Pliat with Felicia and Alan Tudyk, with Alan wearing a shirt with a picture of Edward on it, with the words "Twilight in gay" on the shirt as well, and the pic was taken by Masi Oka!

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