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October 26 2009

Top 5 Underdog Shows on TV. Guess which of our favorite shows made list...

Supernatural is a great show, I really enjoy it. Takes me back to the golden age of the WB, at times. Eric Kripke is actually coming to my TV class tonight. I'm ridiculously excited.

That said, I'm hoping it ends this year, since that's apparently what Kripke wants.
I just started watching Supernatural last night, and it is freakin' sweet.
Eric Kripke is actually coming to my TV class tonight. I'm ridiculously excited.

You lucky dog you. On my list of TV writers I'd love to see speak, he's probably third behind Joss and Russell T. Davies.

I don't think Supernatural is in quite as much danger as Dollhouse, but it doesn't get near as much exposure as it should.
Unfortunately I've given up on Dollhouse but I'm glad Eastwick is on that list. It's actually a very amusing show. If you want to be left hanging trying to figure out what all of these mysteries mean than you'll like it. I really hope it doesn't get cancelled.
That is really exciting Jobo!

If he mentions it could you tell us if he does plan on ending Supernatural this year?
I'm glad to hear Eastwick is good, holypotatoes. I see it advertised on Hulu all the time, maybe I'll check it out.
Wow. I've never watched an episode of Supernatural. And it's up to season 5? Well, dvd shopping for me this weekend!
Yeah it was a surprising hit in my book ormaybemidgets. I had no intention on even watching it when ABC was airing the first episode but ended up really enjoying it. Maybe I was just in the mood for a light and fun show but it has that murder mystery quality to it that I enjoyed. I would give it a shot if you're slightly interested.
If he mentions it could you tell us if he does plan on ending Supernatural this year?

It's a Q&A, and that was already my question. So sure thing! ;)
l was glad to see Supernatural make the list. l'm not a fan of Fringe, it just not that appealing. Sorry to any of you, that are a fan of that show
This was a pretty embarrassing list.

Eastwick is not good, imo. Comparing it to a well-written show like Desperate Housewives isn't fair.

Supernatural is a good show (that used to be a mediocre show. It's come a long, long way since season 1). But it is FAR FAR FAR from the best show on television. Breaking Bad? Mad Men? Supernatural is probably the best show on the CW, but that's not saying a whole lot.

EDIT: Toned down the nastiness towards Eastwick

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On seasons past five:

Originally, Kripke had a five-year plan, he didn’t even expect the show to get five, and didn’t think the CW would even want six. But suddenly the CW wanted season six. So if they do it next year, they’re gonna do it like a sequel. They’re gonna end this year like they would’ve, and then… next year will be an interesting experiment. Then next season starts like it’s a new adventure for the boys.

Sorry for the lameness of the above writing, it's copy/pasted from my notes. But there's our answer. Season six, ratings allowing, is a go. And I'm pretty excited by the concept he pitched here.
How many have given up on Dollhouse?
How many have given up on Dollhouse?
WheelsOfJoy | October 27, 06:28 CET

If you read the comments on each weeks ep, you'd see that the answer is "practically no one". Some have issues with the show, but most of us love it, believe it just keeps getting better (as with all Joss's shows, time to develop and all) and are going to be seriously bummed, when it ends.
How many have given up on Dollhouse?

Not me.
I haven't given up on Dollhouse either! I love it! I just noticed some down comments and was just curious.
I haven't given up on Dollhouse either. I think it's getting better and better.

I cringe every time I see Supernatural mentioned here at Whedonesque because I always fear seeing the comment where someone bashes it and the actors. I'm glad I got in here before that inevitable comment arrived. It's the first show I've been obsessed with since Angel ended. It has it's weak episodes just like any other show but I don't know how anyone could watch it and not see how good it is or how amazing Jensen Ackles' acting is.
There's a reason Dean/Buffy crossover videos are so popular. ;)

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