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October 26 2009

(SPOILER) Tonight on ABC - It's the Halloween episode of Castle. Nathan Fillion + Buffy & Firefly references = win.

There's seems to be quite a bit of interest in this particular episode so do chat away about it.

Awww, that was sweet!
I stopped watching Castle (too much stuff to watch... not enough time), but I might have to start it again with this episode! =)
I cannot wait for tonight's episode. Looking for that familiar brown coat.
And they left out Dr Horrible? For shame. :D
Haha, that is pretty awesome. Although my brain does sometimes hate it a tinyyyy bit when universes collide like this. If Buffy exists, then so does season seven, and so does Caleb. You know how it goes.
And this is number how many for this topic posted here in the last few days :) Glad to see a chat thread is here. It is going to be an awesome episode. In addition to the obvious nod to Firefly there's also an item from the Firefly set somewhere hidden on the set of Castle - Nathan has been twittering about it for weeks and today he said:

"If you are thinking the Easter egg of lore is the browncoat you are mistaken. I said you have to be clever, astute, acutely aware, and cute.".

There are also references from past work of other actors in the show to look out for.

ETA: Next week is Jose Molina's episode.

ETA Also: And anyone who's not following Jose Molina on Twitter - shame on you! LINK (I think most people missed it when he mentioned this here on Whedonesque

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Hope he gets a gun holster for that costume he's "trying out."
Can't wait to watch! :D
I'm confused; ABC has Monday Night Football all evening?
sab39 Unfortunately some areas have the football thing (I just read this elsewhere) which really stinks for those of you in those locations. Might pay to call the your local TV station to find out when they will air the episode, otherwise you have to wait for it on Hulu or iTunes, it should be up by tomorrow.
Bleh. Thanks for the info Beth. I'll catch it on Hulu :)
With Castle about to air in the East/Central areas...where is everyone?
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is still wearing the outfit. They even mentioned Firefly on Dancing with Stars. That was so cool.

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Love the Buffy and Firefly parts. Very cool!
He totally played it up. You know he loves it. And so do we.
It makes me both really happy and really sad to see Nathan done up as Mal again.
I think I'm having a geek seizure from all the pop culture references in this episode. Firefly, Buffy, Dark Horse Comics...

So, this episode isn't going to air at all in my city?!? For fracking football?!? I've been waiting for weeks for this, and now it's being pre-empted entirely for my area! Once again, the Browncoats get screwed over. It's sad that the episode of Castle that makes an explicit Firefly reference won't air in some key markets.

Fuming now.
Oh my.... Nathan Fillion sure knows how to deliver! That was wonderful--I'd buy the season 2 box set for that scene alone! RavenU, the DwtS shout out to Firefly was great, wasn't it? ABC sure knows how to promote their shows. Unlike another network which shall remain nameless.

Like you said Nolan. =\ Tonight I'm deciding to be happy though. :)
That made me all kinds of happy. And the best part was that I didn't even know that it was coming. Total surprise!

This offsets the fact that I busted out the Jayne costume for the Halloween party last Sat. night and NO ONE in the whole place knew who Jayne was. The worst guess was that I was "one of the South Park kids?" (and this was no slouch of a costume)

Just when I thought my personal favorite cultural reference was now apparently too old for the cool crowd to get... Cappy puts his Browncoat on again and makes me feel all better.

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Ok did anyone else think the evil laugh and cough was a shout out to Dr. Horrible or was it just me?


Yep it was just me.
"Didn't you wear that, like. five years ago?"

Well played, Castle. Well played.
That was amazing. :) It's like a Christmas and birthday gift rolled all up in one! hehehe...
No, it wasn't just you, RavenU. :) Maybe a stretch, but it wasn't just you. :)
That opening scene made me do the dance of joy and then rewind ye olde TiVo and watch it 5 more times. How much fun must have he had getting to do that? It was perfection.
The dude from Generation Kill was in his camo. Another callback to a cast members previous show.
Where was the elusive reference to Firefly Nathan tweeter about? We watched like hawks but we didn't see it.
Ok, apparently Castle will be aired at 1:05 AM in Philadelphia. WPVI can bite me.
Where was the elusive reference to Firefly Nathan tweeter about? We watched like hawks but we didn't see it.

I was wondering the same thing.

But there were so many fun references in the dialogue: Shindig, "summering," etc.
The "didn't you wear that, like, five years ago?" line is going to have me squeeing all week. Plus, you know, the part when he burst in guns a-blazin'. ^_^
Castle became a trending topic on twitter for awhile. Also I wonder how long before it's on iTunes and becomes the best selling episode.


Still cannot stop smiling. Terri Miller is a genius, wrote the episode.
That was the best episode of Castle ever...not just for the Firefly reference which was epic

"Weren't you that 5 years ago? Don't you think you should let it go?"

Awesome. just plain awesome.
Not only were the shoutouts to Firefly, Buffy, Dark horse, etc., fantastic...

The storyline and subplots for this episode were terrific. The writing on this show just keeps getting better and better. I'll be curious to see what the Viewer numbers are for tonight's Episode. Bet it gets it's highest numbers yet!
I thought the brief Firefly-esque music was the best touch.
I LOVE my Captain
For those "Nathan-twitter-followers"...Did you catch the "Feed The Birds"? This episode was awesome with all the pop culture references.
Okay, this is it. I'm officially going to play catch-up from where I stopped watching Castle last season (1x07, an episode guide tells me), because of schedule overcrowding. Although I may cheat a bit and watch this one first ;)
Yeah ftloosenfanzfree, I noticed the brief guitar-y piece in the score. This episode was a geek's dream come true. I still don't know what the easter egg on-set is though. Oh, and ads for V were a cool plus to watching the broadcast version!
Didn't I hear awhile back that the Easter Egg Nathan showed Jewel will appear in an Episode after the Halloween Episode? I could be wrong, so don't take that as Gospel or anything...
Loved it! So many great moments. Didn't catch the egg. I stopped my Tivo many times to look and found nothing. *Sigh* "I'm giving you the bird." Loved it.
Oh, man. I love this show. And Nathan Fillion.
This was so much fun. I have really been enjoying Castle, and they did this show very very well.
NathanG | October 27, 00:32 CET
Although my brain does sometimes hate it a tinyyyy bit when universes collide like this. If Buffy exists, then so does season seven, and so does Caleb. You know how it goes.

Isn't a problem. Richard Castle is friends with

I thought it was the episode after this one too.
I haven't felt this happy in a very long time.

edited to add:

Alexis is right about there being no cows in space you know.

But now they see the sky and remember what they are.

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I LOVED this episode!

The entrance of Our Captain Reynolds was wonderful (Especially the musical "cameo") and the "Buffy does the Big Apple" line was cute. But how about the other references?

Egg-sitting, a la "Bad Eggs"
Morlock(loch) - "I Robot, You Jane"
Spiked drinks @party - "Reptile Boy"

Or maybe I was just seeing "Buffy" where there was none.

Such a geeky episode tonight. Loved all the vampire mythology, and how they presented both sides of things.

And, on a personal note - one of my costumes this year (I'm going to the costume party @Tech, and can dress up @work) is going to be Morrigan. She's the Celtic battle goddess, and is most often associated with crows. Wish I'd thought of buying a small one to sit on my shoulder, so I could tell customers "I'm giving you the bird."

Also, I saw the 'feed the birds', and I think Nathan was holding back a cackle when he did it. The smirk on his face was a little too big. ;)
Best. Opening Scene. Ever!

I must be dense. Please explain the Feed the Birds stuff. I hate not being invited to the party.

And Rivergirl- you beat me to it again!
That. Was. Epic.

Even now I'm having involuntary cheek-twitches and sub-vocalizations recalling the many blatant references to other shows. For a time there, I had a massive recursive metafictional embolus start forming in my head, requiring the timely execution of a preventative squee lest I have a seizure or an urgent need for the application of neuraleptics. Luckily, my housemate was out for the evening at the time and the cats don't have cameras in their cellphones.

No, they don't actually have cellphones.

Yes. I actually squeed.

...Well... I got better.

That episode was like an instant fan pill. I've never managed to catch one before and now I think I might be hooked. (Would it be considered the "Belonging" of "Castle" so far, by longtime-watcher consensus?) I'm going to need to rewatch at least once on Hulu because the spouse and I ended up chortling/giggling over so much of the dialogue. What a sweet, well-done tip of the hat to our beloved Firefly.

And while Captain Mal was undoubtedly an exemplary costume choice, suspenders and all, who could fault Castle for going with Poe? "I'm giving you the bird" -- classic! ;)
I posted this on a few days ago........

"Imagine, if you will...... ABC executives see how Castle takes off with the ratings from this ep....... same execs know of the popularity of Firefly, Serenity and all the DVDs..... aforementioned execs begin to wonder "could WE remake a Firefly/Serenity with Joss Whedon?" Oohhhh, the possibilities........"
Thanks so much, you guys! Glad you liked the show. And thanks for promoting it over here so all the die-hards know where to go.

Next week -- my ep! Hope you like.
For those who missed last nights show it is up on hulu now.
I haven't seen the episode yet, but I thought it was amazingly cool for them to name it after one of the coolest new bands I've heard recently.
It makes me both really happy and really sad to see Nathan done up as Mal again. Exactly how I felt Nolan when I saw the trailer.
The ep "Vampire Weekend" is now 3rd Most Popular episode on Hulu and up to #9 on iTunes and the West coast hasn't even woken up yet.

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I asked last night but it was late. Could someone clue me in on the Feed the Birds thing? Thank you.
Loved this episode! Nathan is WONDERFUL (which we all aready knew)!
Feed the Birds (FtB) is Nathan Fillion slang meaning to give someone accolade or a high-five. Started on his Twitter, didn't it? Castle also says it at some point.
Thanks Jayme.

I'm going to have to start doing this Twitter thing.
Thank you Jose, y'all are doing a great job. My husband and I are enjoying Castle immensely- can hardly wait until next week. Maybe next year Nathan can dress up as Caleb!
Or Captain Hammer!
Fark: Nathan Fillion plays Castle dressed up as Capt. Malcom Reynolds making a Buffy reference. And there was much rejoicing.

Egg-sitting, a la "Bad Eggs"
Morlock(loch) - "I Robot, You Jane"
Spiked drinks @party - "Reptile Boy"
If i heard correctly, they also called his party a "shindig."

I was buried with work all day Sunday and Monday, so I had no idea it was coming. Suffice it to say, it was an awesome surprise. Made my whole day.
That opening sequence lifted my spirits and warmed my heart. What they say is true, you know. The GEEK shall inherit the earth. I see it happening, little by little. All my loves, fandoms, popculture picks are slowly coming to the frontlines. MWAHAHAHA. And yes, I was another who thought the evil laugh and cough were a Dr. Horrible reference.
TRULY a great geek moment for moi.
I sat there, mouth open, at the beginning of Castle.
Lest we forget the vampire named Crow and "Vampires don't have normal names like Dave"
OK maybe I'm reaching.
'Twas Whedonrific.

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That was about the best shout-out(s) i've seen I think. Just immaculately weighted (not too much, not too little) and so well delivered by Mr Nathan Fillion, esq. Bravo.
I sat there, mouth open, at the beginning of Castle.

Me too.

[ edited by korkster on 2009-10-27 21:19 ]
i also went ballistic at the beginning of this epsiode!... the gun, the coat... firefly is back! squee! oh wait...
maxsummers: what other shows could be so much more important that you had to stop watching castle?!? shame on you! ^_^
How fun was that? After seeing the quick-draw-in-full-Mal-gear in the preview, I was SO hoping for something silly/fun to follow that particular moment. I was not disappointed. There was much squeeing in my household. (Which, okay, the cats don't actually squee all that much, except over fresh-roasted chicken. It was mostly me.)

Also enjoyed the other Whedon-related shoutouts to Buffy, Dark Horse, etc. I don't have a problem at all with him referencing Buffy. Buffy the TV series likely exists in the Castle universe.
We all exclaimed "Dr. Horrible!" at the evil laugh.
Someone at captured a catalyzer on a shelf right by the pocket of the browncoat when it swirls.
I am such a geek. Remember Nathan saying, about Mal and his darkness, "I am so not this guy." Well, as far as Castle goes, I think Nathan is this guy. And it's a lot of fun.
I thought they handled the 'omage scene pitch perfectly. And now I want to know, does Nathan own a Mal coat?
IIRC some browncoats made him a present of one a while back.

Referencing Buffy is fine IMO, it's breaking the fourth wall but at one or two removes. If they e.g. showed Castle watching season 7 and Caleb came on then that would be going too far. If he (or anyone else) then did a Dirk Benedict style double-take, made an "amusing" comment or otherwise noted their "uncanny similarity" then that would probably be the last time I watched 'Castle' ;).
Watching that episode ... like coming home.
Watching that episode with 12-13 other Browncoats ... priceless.

[does her best Oliver Twist imitation] Please sir(s), may I have some more?
I did the dance of joy! Which, in retrospect was not a great idea considering I watched this episode at work.
All firedness aside, amazing! Loved it, so happy to see Ma-I mean Nathan in suspenders again. Buffy's in town. Wut!
On twitter today Shawna said that it was all Nathan's idea. She also asked if we'd noticed Crow's sister's shirt. It said Haley Blue on it. Jose Molina then twittered "Who is Hayley Blue?" but it's a link to itunes. Can anyone elucidate further? (I don't have itunes on this computer.)
Floralbonnet- do we think the catalyzer is the Easter Egg?
So... does this mean Mal would dress up as a mystery writer from ancient Earth? I think we need another movie to find out.
what a fantastic ep!
Dunno if catalyzer is the EEgg, mebbe just an EEgg, since the episode was full of refs. to our favorite Whedonverse shows.
Considering Nathan is the one who said on Twitter that the catalyzer is the egg, it's the egg.
And since I don't do Twitter....I wouldn't have known that.

That is very cool. Can't wait to watch again.
Best. Castle. Ever!
Where was the elusive reference to Firefly Nathan tweeter about? We watched like hawks but we didn't see it.
The Ninja Report | October 27, 04:03 CET

Along with all the other references, did I imagine the "I'm a space cowboy" and (his daughter's?) reply, "There are no cowboys in space".
(I was falling asleep and havent re-watched it).
Way late, but I just rewatched and caught two more: Castle's daughter talking about being his candy beard ("Fear Itself") and Castle talking about the importance of negative space in the art of pumpkin carving ("The Body").

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