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October 26 2009

Nathan Fillion joins the Salute to Firefly Event in LA. The 3rd annual Creation Serenity event has just sent out an email confirming his appearance. The event is Nov 21-22 with Baldwin, Baccarin, Tudyk, and others.

From the Email;

Creation Entertainment's Salute to Firefly and Serenity is coming to Los Angeles on November 21 and 22, 2009 and you are invited to join the fun! Today we are VERY happy to announce that one of our all-time favorite guests, the one and only NATHAN FILLION, has just been added as a headliner to the weekend. Nathan of course starred as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly/Serenity and has since been featured in TV series DRIVE, DESPERATE H! OUSEWIVES and his current hit show CASTLE. We thank Nathan for clearing time in his super-busy schedule to be back with the fans who have been with him from the beginning!

Nathan's autograph is of course included in the Gold and Preferred Weekend Packages and he has also been added as a special guest to the Gold Exclusive Breakfast/Charity Auction on Sunday Morning!

I believe Gina has cancelled.
I heard the same thing, that she had cancelled. Scheduling conflicts.

Can we fix the title?
Yeah I just spoke with them, their site has not been updated. It still showed Gina, but Nathan is her replacement. I updated the post.
Their site has been updated.
I was very excited to hear Nathan will be there, but disappointed about Gina.
Slatue barada nicto.
Gina was great at last year's event, but Nathan should be a blast, especially with Mark and Alan
I'll be making a surprise appearance as "guy in crowd."
RavenU - strange, as it was their site where I saw Gina had cancelled before I posted my comment here. Still, no matter now!
Hmm, will now be scanning "guy in crowd" for Jose. Now makes more sense all the Firefly refs on Castle now. :D

RachVG - I think my browser cached the page because it wasn't until I cleared history that the page updated. I had visited the page the day before the announcement.

FYI - They have changed the photo op from Alan/Gina to Alan/Nathan :)

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