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October 19 2003

Buffy masks and foam facial appliances. Pretend to be the Master, Angel, Dru, Spike and other Buffverse monsters at Halloween with these official licensed products.

Not bad actually though it might be an idea to get a guy with bleached blonde hair to advertise the Spike foam appliance.

'Hoffry' demon? Sounds like a cute nickname his wife might have for him "Hoffry dear..."
Der Kinderstad. Uh. That's 'tod'.
Actually, I think it's "Kindestod."
D'Hofffryn and the Judge look pretty cool. The others look like standard mask-y stuff.
How come The Gentleman has "punch mouth", but The Master doesn't? :)
I need a wig to go with the Dru appliance, and not only does the Spike appliance have a guy with dark hair, he also has a little 'soul patch'---very confusing----

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