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October 26 2009

Marti Noxon finally gets to write a Halloween episode. As long as we're passing around the Halloween congratulations, the woman who made sure Buffy kept fighting the good fight while Joss was adding Angel and Firefly to the Whedonverse co-wrote the "Halloween episode" of Mad Men that aired last night.

And she made sure our Mrs. Reynolds got a chance to shine. (Just because Mad Men ain't on Hulu, it seems a shame not to honor this achievement with a link!)

Awesome! I have not watched the ep yet, but can't wait.

Finally--Marti can stop feeling jealous of Carl Ellsworth-ghostwritten-by-Whedon, Fury, DeKnight and Edlund! (But I kid.)
It was a goooooood episode WilliamTheB. Holy crap, was it awesome.
One moment in particular was amazing and I'm sure there were others like me who had a huge smile on their faces during that scene. This show just keeps on getting better and better.

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Awesome. I bought season 1 of Mad Men the other day, I'm looking forward to getting started

WilliamTheB, I'm pretty sure it was Noxon who overhauled Ellsworth's 'Halloween' script
If so, that certainly invalidates the "finally" in the link itself! :P

I thought it was Whedon though. Any link? The tone isn't that different to "The Wish," of course (well, it's not as dark, but is as funny)....

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WilliamTheB, Joss posted it here at Whedonesque. He wrote:

"How sick am I of Noxon-bashing? Enough to break my rule of silence, certainly. I've had so many people rag on her for aspects of the show I developed, or praise me for things she came up with. She's been a vital part of everything people love about Buffy since she overhauled the halloween script in season two. She's as good a story-breaker as I've ever worked with. And she's a leader." (My italics)

It's at
I can vouch for the above (not that I need to vouch for Joss). Carl is a damn fine writer, but those of us who were there at the time (I was an assistant) remember "Halloween" as Marti's script.
Hey, cool - another writer posting. :)

I was so glad to see Marti get a spot on as incredible a show as Mad Men. And that ep was awesome. Matthew Weiner has made good on something he said in an interview at the beginning of the season, that this season would be as much about the women as the men. Which has made a really excellent show, even better.

I almost said "Anthony" Weiner - my really bad. ;)
That episode was amazing. I've been a very little less in love with Mad Men through most of the third season (not surprising, given how very much in love with it I was in the first two seasons) but last night's episode was stunning.

Maybe Marti can run a spin-off show for Joan?
I love you whedonesque for showing me how everything I like is related to Buffy! I was at the edge of my seat during that episode, for the first time in season 3. It was so incredibly good. Written by Marti Noxon? Awesomer.
Thank you, Jose Molina!
That was possibly the best episode of Mad Men ever, and reviewers agree. Between the crackling wit of the banter (Roger gets the best line of the show ever), and the raw emotion of the confrontation as tall, dark Don is forced to reveal his darkest secrets to his petite blond wife, it felt to me, for the first time, as good as a Buffy episode. And yes, Joan even got to channel her inner Saffron.
It really was a spectacular episode. Bravo to Marti Noxon.
Yay! Out early for good behavior!
Well thank you Jose Molina! And thank you a hundred thousand times for "Ariel"! I'm very happy that my fundamental misunderstanding led to you coming in the room!

And thanks Let Down, too!
One moment in particular was amazing and I'm sure there were others like me who had a huge smile on their faces during that scene.

Ameer, can you tell me what moment that was? You can email me.
Sunday's ep was one of the best yet. Absolutely amazing.
Maybe I should start watching again...
Amazing episode. To me, Mad Men is as dark as television gets. Sometimes it is so sad I can hardly bear to watch it.

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