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October 27 2009

The Five Scariest Episodes in TV History. Guess what BtVS episode comes in at #4?

"Almost-completely-dialogue-free" seems like a bit of a stretch. "Largely dialogue-free" might make more sense, but I'm splitting hairs. I'm always glad when this episode gets the attention it deserves, as I agree it's one of the five best episodes of the series.

I would also argue that some of the scariest moments of "IT" came in the second half. That entire sequence with adult Beverly Marsh and her "dad" freaked me the hell out. Even now, I'm shivering at remembering.
Killed By Death, Helpless and Conversations with Dead People were pretty darn creepy too.

I think the scariest Angel episodes were I've Got You Under My Skin and Billy.
Can't argue with the #1 pick, an X-files ep I haven't ever re-watched.
I think Hush should have been #2. Or at least #3, I didn't watch It for the same reason I didn't read the book - serious arachnophobia (friends warned me).

I agree that Billy was the scariest Angel ep, - and one of my favorites. Quite an accomplishment, considering no "conventional" monsters. And I'm just remembering I've got You Under My skin - that one was definitely creepy, as well.
Figured it would be Hush. The Gentlemen are incredibly eerie.
'Home' is pretty disturbing but more "scary cos it could be true" than plain scary IMO. 'Tooms' was pretty eerie scary (but X-Files had a lot of creepy moments).

And yep, I figured it'd be 'Hush' because it always is. Personally I never found it all that scary and I think the article implicitly answers why - they took away your ability to scream for help (and, fair enough, looked pretty creepy) but in horror screaming for help basically never works anyway so it's not much of a loss (in nightmares I never care if I can't scream, it's not being able to move that always sends me off the adrenal deep end - even though the episodes may not be perfect in themselves, "Same Time, Same Place" and "Listening to Fear" present much scarier situations for me).

(and fair play to them for not going to the Twilight Zone easy hit of "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" - it's scary IMO but it's also on these sorts of lists a lot)
I think "Hush" is the classic choice. It's creepy to watch, even if the actual situation it depicts is less scary than others on the show.

And "Home" is some fantastic television. I've watched it many times, and even taught it to students (whose reactions varied from horrified to ... well... mostly horrified).
I've seen some classic silent horror movies, and the scene where The Gentlemen claim their first victim ranks with the very best. Perfect use of silence to evoke helplessness in the face of terror.

And the Henchcreatures give me the oogies.
Yeah, I knew it would be Hush, but personally the Buffy episode that scares me the most is Conversation with Dead People. Especially Dawn's part, the most obviously "horror film-y" of the stories in it. Willow's conversation is pretty unsettling too.

Then again, don't make me think of the Gentlemen if I'm alone in the dark...

As for the rest of the list, I don't know any because I'm a giant wuss and stay away from scary things usually!
the Gnarl in Same Time, Same Place creeped me out big time.
I didn't re-watch "Hush" for a long time after my first viewing. It's not as creepy when I know what's coming, but I still jump every time one of the Gentlemen passes the window where Olivia is looking out. It's the nightmare quality that gets me. True that screaming doesn't help in most horror movies, but in Buffy, a scream for help usually brings a demon fighter to save the day. Take away that little bit of hope and...sheer terror.
"Hush" has still got it for me. I even jumped during the short clip in the article, and I've seen the episode many times. But "Home" is the single scariest thing I've ever seen a network put on the tube. I still can't believe Fox greenlit its airing.
"Listening to Fear." Between the alien-thing no one notices on the ceiling and Joyce talking to it... I have trouble watching that.
Yeah that does it for me too. It's a combination of a fairly creepy monster, nobody believing you and not even being in your right mind to begin with. Being totally helpless basically. Bad.
Oh, I so loved "Hush"! However the one moment in Buffy that I have trouble watching is the bit where Gnarl (Same Time, Same Place) is cutting and eating Willow's stomach skin almost like spaghetti... *shudders*
I think the scariest episode of Buffy was Helpless. There is something innately terrifying about her being stuck without any power, and to have it been taken away by the person she trusted most was just a cherry on top.

Though, if I had to choose a single moment, I agree with the others - Gnarl takes the cake.
Don't forget the final scene of "The Puppet Show". That was pretty darn scary.
I love the artistry of "Hush" almost too much to be scared by it... but the clip they've got there? I know which moment it is, and it's the moment that always makes me jump.

The scene in Buffy's bedroom in "Bad Eggs" is the scariest moment of the show for me, because I hate things that are small, lethal, and you can't see.

"The Wish" was always the freakiest one for me all told, though, at least until I saw season six.
Don't forget the final scene of "The Puppet Show". That was pretty darn scary.

The credits?
The credits?
Right - the "acting" by Buffy, Xander, and Willow.
I wonder what the stipulations of this list were because some Doctor Who episodes are quite scary. In fact, I'd say it's the only show that's ever frightened me and I say that in a good way. Mainly the Moffat episodes but I'm also partial to The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.
'Midnight'. Scariest of the new series IMO.

(was scared by old Who times without number but in my defence, I was 5 ;)
Ooh, how could I forget Midnight? Such a wonderful episode and really showed a different side to RTD's writing on the show.
For me it's probably his best script on the new Who, reckon he really benefited from the constraints of the setting. Claustrophobic and genuinely unsettling IMO - space monsters are pretty scary when you're 5 but it's us that's scary when you get older, especially the mindless mob version of us.
Hush is chilling, those smiles and the airlessness of their movements. The monsters from "Bad Eggs" (especially the big underground bad) and "Listening to Fear" make it really hard to watch as well.
Ooh, "Midnight" is quite unsettling and "Blink" is pretty intense (from Doctor Who).

I can also think of a few other X-Files eps that could be on the list. "Home" was downright disturbing though. "Milagro" creeped me out. "Irresistible", "Ice", and "Grotesque" were pretty scary. Even "Pusher" was pretty intense.

Not too many scary moments from Angel and Buffy for me. But I do agree that "Hush" had its moments. Also, yeah, the Gnarl gave me the heebie jeebies (but the episode wasn't particularly scary).
Besides the amazing 'Hush', I can't forget X-File's 'Home'.
Really, really scary. 'Wonderful, Wonderful' by Johnny Mathis still scares the hell out of me.

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