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October 27 2009

31 Classic Halloween episodes and specials. Both Angel and Buffy episodes make the list.

And lets not forget the Two Guys and a Girl episode featured Nathan Fillion :)

(and probably other Whedonverse connections in there too)
Just re-watched Halloween last night. Love that episode. "She couldn't have dressed as Xena?" And the first time we see Giles in Ripper mode - gives me chills every time.
Following that topic, today was released The Guild Halloween Special.
Hmm, soem Urkel love here; very seldom that show, which I liked, gets much kudos. (actually, my Mary Sue character in my Buffy fics, Jared, is a bit of an Urkel.)

And in a way Willow's comment just showed how little attention she was paying to what Buffy wanted to do. typical of thsoe characters.
Oh, I think Willow knew what Buffy was up to... she just wished Buffy hadn't been up to it.
Yup, I see a Bones episode (David Boreanaz) and How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan) in there too! Whedonverse for the win!

Though I do wonder what the qualifications are here for "classic"...
I watched "Angel" on DVD, and I guess it never sank in that "Life of the Party" was a Halloween episode. I'll have to add it to my marathon for Saturday night -- it's becoming a tradition at our house to watch the Buffy Halloween episodes between trick-or-treaters.
I think they each have something special. "Halloween" is classic and straight-forward Halloween, "Fear Itself" is a good Haunted house, psychological exploration, "All the Way" uses it as background setting for everything else going on, and "Life of the Party" is just hilarious fun. My favorite? I think I've watched Fear Itself the most, maybe because it was the least busy years of my life!

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