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October 27 2009

Sci Fi UK to air new Dollhouse episodes before Fox? The official website of UK's Sci FI channel lists Dollhouse episodes 2x05-2x07 in its schedule for November, when the show will be on hiatus in the US.

Of course, it's possible that Sci FI just didn't update their website or it could change. We shall see. However, as for now, 'The Public Eye' is supposed to air on November 10th with 'The Left Hand' and 'A Love Supreme' following it on the 17th and 24th.


Now if only I had the Sci Fi channel.
Hmm, I wonder how this will turn out...

Surely Fox doesn't want the episodes to be all over the torrent sites weeks before they hit the airwaves is the US. Or maybe they don't care anymore at this point (with the show being practically dead anyway)?
Last we heard Sci Fi is only allowed to air episodes one day in advance, right? Or was there an update on that that I missed?

My guess is their homepage is not up to date.
*choke* WHAAA? Holy Jesus, I hope it's true! The prospect of six weeks without Dollhouse was just starting to dawn on me- it'd be pretty damn fantastic if I could avoid that all together...
This is a sure sign that Britannia is resurgent, we should totally start reclaiming the Empire. Bagsey Illinois.

And yeah, I also wish I still had Sci-Fi. Though they're pretty cut happy so maybe i'll wait anyway (assuming this isn't just some sort of screw-up which seems fairly likely).

Or maybe they don't care anymore at this point ...

Or maybe they see it as a chance to generate buzz ? To me, the two million people still watching must be fairly hard-core fans who, if they download it at all, are going to watch it on TV too (especially if they're Nielsen viewers) as well as buy the DVDs etc. So it could be it won't affect the numbers too much at this stage anyway.
I'm guessing, if they leak before their US-Debut, there might even be some very positive effect on the numbers. Like every pilot-leakage, it might generate some awesome buzz about the upcoming episodes.

What's the situation in Canada?
Last I heard on this matter was people trying to hear back from Sci-Fi's scheduling people... or I think. I'm not even sure what I can remember at this stage, cos I thought I spoke to people saying its going to be on here and not in the states. I dunno.
Anybody following my Twitter will have seen the hints of drama about this.

If they air on BitTorrent first, it could have a bad impact on revenue to FBC. Put it this way: I download Dollhouse, and I don't watch it in the UK on air.

Expect confirmation either way shortly.
If they air on BitTorrent first, it could have a bad impact on revenue to FBC.

Anyone want to guess how many US people would download it? 20,000?
No idea Simon. Not even sure how you'd go about a rough, fag packet estimate. Is there any information on download proportion related to audience size ?

Put it this way: I download Dollhouse, and I don't watch it in the UK on air.

You would if you had a BARB box in your house though gossi, right (even if that will barely affect whether Fox renews) ? And you're buying the DVDs too I bet.
Anyone want to guess how many US people would download it? 20,000?

I think "Epitaph One" (which seems like a comparable scenario in that first week it leaked) went to about 50.000, but then again, I think Dollhouse in general is averaging 50.000, so that doesn't seem to make a difference.

ETA: Wait, no, I probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I'll try to check those numbers.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-10-27 14:08 ]
Where did you get 50k from wiesengrund ? And do they have a geographical breakdown at that where ?
As I said in my ETA, I started doubting it the moment I posted it. It was from memory, but memory is tricky thing last I've heard. ;)
Yeah, posted before I saw your ETA (which may or may not have been after I posted anyway - what the hell is up with the edited times ? I hope we're not time travelling, I get motion sickness).
It seems I'm not able to track it down. Please ignore everything I said.
There were between 300,000 and 400,000 estimated downloads (weekly) in February and March, according to TorrentFreak. Can't find info for more recent episodes, though. TF only collects data for BitTorrent and about 90 percent of the downloads are from outside the U.S. (I can't remember where I read that,though. I would have guessed over 95%.) Anyway, link:

So 50,000 per episode in the U.S. doesn't seem too off base if you factor in other torrent sites.
The first season estimates were around 300,000 people per episode on torrents. That is worldwide. Obviously the geographical locations would tilt towards the US if it airs abroad first.

Obviously, BitTorrent isn't the end of P2P networks. Limewire and such remain.

The rise of illegal streaming sites (where the owners profit from advertising) is also problematic. Google 'watch dollhouse'.

I'm not saying it would have a big impact. But impact it would have.
Got doubts that it'll make much difference either way myself but we'll see (or not).

But then, i'm sort of assuming the show's sunk as things currently stand (i.e. going down in the ratings won't make things worse, only going up can make things better) so that basically anything is worth a punt. Is that your feeling too gossi or does it seem to be "on the bubble" at the moment such that e.g. losing 100,000 viewers could make the difference between back 9 or no back 9 ?
I haven't a clue. I doubt it will actually end airing here first really, the studio would have something to say about it.
... the studio would have something to say about it.

Buh-but ... we were gonna reclaim the Empire dammit !
Well if it friends and I all download or stream it cause it's such a long wait to get it over here and none of us have syfy!! So I'm guessing a decent amount of the torrent downloads would be UK and Ireland...although for the last 2 weeks I found a huge upsurge in spanish subtitled episodes online when downloading!
I stream it from Australia... otherwise I wouldn't be able to join in on the episode discussions.
I live in Portugal and Dollhouse doesn't air in here. I take the liberty of downloading it every week, but I buy the DVD and all so that should count for something, right?
I'm a notorious downloader from Holland, but at least I can say I buy dvd's as well. I just hate waiting for something to finally arrive in my country :(
Hi, my name is Jayne's Hat, and I am a downloader.
It has been 4 days since my last download.
FYI, ITV4 has started showing season 1 of Dollhouse. The first episode aired last night (26/10/09) but I don't know how well it was advertised as I just happened to see a trailer last night. But for anyone who has Freeview in the UK it's a good place to start!
I really hope this doesn't happen. I don't want to have to spend a MONTH avoiding anything Dollhouse related for fear of future episode spoilers!
I usually download them as well. I do buy the DVDs as well. Since I live in the U.K though, I can't be bothered circumnavigating the internet on eggshells trying to avoid spoilers.

Hence why I watch on the U.S schedule. Not like my viewing counts anyway, not U.S and no viewing box.
I get the feeling that its just a mix up. And if it is true I would take it as the whole 'Fox no longer gives a shit' scenario, which isn't too great.
Twitteresque would probably have to be disabled as well, since it would DEFINITELY contain spoilers.

I watch on Hulu (since I opted not to pay for cable). Does anyone know how much my viewing counts? Would it hurt the show if I downloaded it to watch from the UK airing?
For info, whatever happens it should be announced tomorrow.
I think people from Europe and elsewhere may be overestimating the effect of pirated episodes.

Yes, we are used to get new TV series from bittorrent (in Italy we had to wait until September for episode 101, I got my season 1 DVDs from Amazon before the first episode freaking aired!), but I'm guessing US citizens aren't so used to pirate TV episodes, the lucky bastards. ;-)

Still it's a bit sad that Fox pays for these small jewels and then sits on them waiting for the pirates to beat them...

My suggestion: just do official legal torrents, with ads, before the pirates.
As of Sunday, at any rate and for whatever it might -- or might not -- be worth, FOX publicity was under the assumption they air in the US first.
I think Sci fi (NBC/Universal, right?) want to show it and Fox didn't realise they'd made a boo boo. I think the studio will have to step in at this point, cause there's no reason for NBC/Universal NOT to show it....
They air Buffy and Angel on the same night. I want Sci-fi UK. Are they calling it sy-fy yet?
I'm a downloader, also, by the way, but not of Dollhouse. Something crazy within me makes me want to wait and watch it in HD. I'm not sure if its that fact that I love it so much I want to see every detail, or I've just gotten used to it. Whether I download shows, really, seems to be how much it might appeal to others in my house so whether I wait or not... I think. I generally stick the downloaded stuff onto the PS3 and watch it and for the most part - It's better quality than most channels.

I can't imagine how awesome Glee would be in HD, though! E4 over here needs a HD channel! I might have made myself wait some more if that was the case.
*gives a blanket smite to downloaders the foreigners*

This is what happens when they muck up the schedule. Wouldn't everything be solved if they just put Dollhouse on this week?
I don't download, and I'm pissed. Sick in bed at home all month and no "Dollhouse" to watch.
Still, at least you're pissed.

My suggestion: just do official legal torrents, with ads, before the pirates.

It'd take about 2-3 hours before a copy without ads was in circulation. That's digital information for you, easy to manipulate.
If possible I will download them and watch em live, but I don't count among the US numbers so it doesn't really matter how I watch and enjoy Dollhouse apparently. Grr!
Saje said:
It'd take about 2-3 hours before a copy without ads was in circulation.

IMHO if Fox released torrents with ads and politely asked the fans to not remove them and to not download illegal versions without ads, most people would do that.

It worked for pirated anime from Media Factory (IIRC they promised to distribute their series in the US and EU, and asked fans to stop pirating them. Or something.)

Fox should at least try: it would cost them pretty much nothing (unlike Hulu which has very high bandwidth costs).
According to the schedule here in Canada, Dollhouse is showing on Friday but again, I doubt it is actually going to happen.
I have it set to tape just in case Lioness, as I imagine many other Canadians do, but I doubt Global will air it. They do what Fox does, generally. Still, it's early Wednesday and the Guide on my PVR hasn't changed, so we'll see. I mean, we got "Graduation Day Part 2" back in `99 when The WB decided not to air it due to the Columbine Massacre happening a month earlier.
GlobalTV looks to be showing an episode of Bones in Dollhouse's timeslot.
Why shut down twitteresque cause one country can't see it...?ye can download this time instead if sci-fi start showing it ahead of's the same difference!
I really hope this doesn't happen. I don't want to have to spend a MONTH avoiding anything Dollhouse related for fear of future episode spoilers!

Hey, welcome to life in the rest of the world. :-)

Geography-based delays and the spoilage opportunities they create here in the UK were the reason that I finally started downloading copies of the US TV shows that I was the most engaged in: to be able to move to real-time viewing, and hence back into the Net communities for those shows.

(Include standard "I do buy the DVDs" disclaimer here.)

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