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October 27 2009

Brand new video interview with Nicholas Brendon. Wherein he talks about getting "Buffy," talks about Joss Whedon, talks about his upcoming one man show, and shouts out to me!

Before "Self-linking violation" is declared, let me explain. This is Helenna Santos' final episode of the Musecast. The Musecast is a yearlong documentary project, and I am a part of it. However, each year's cast consists of five people. This is Helenna's series, which I have no part of. We have, however, met as a result of the Musecast this past year, and we've bonded over Whedon-y things, which is why, at the end of this episode, the shoutout to Eric 2.0 can be both a mention of me and not a self-link. I hope I explained that well.

That aside, and on behalf of Helenna, I'm sorry about the poor sound quality. I think she does her interviews at working restaurants.

Fair enough.
Interesting interview.
Very nice interview. He's just too cute.
I'm so glad you posted that, thanks. Anyone going to catch his show? I wish I could but won't be able to.

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