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October 27 2009

Vampire Reunion Video. Angel and Buffy (not the original actors) make cameos in this college humor sketch.

Dracula is trying to lead a vampire rebellion but is thwarted by the angst and issues prevalent in various vampires from pop-culture.

lol, very awesome! Though I'm not sure who eyebrow trimmer and decapitation guys were.
Great video. And at the end that was Buffy, Blade and Van Helsing, am I right?
Strangely enough I just recently had someone complain how they didn't like Buffy because vamp face was ugly.
That was very cute, however Blade is half vampire, so?
Did anyone else think the "Buffy" in that vid sounded a lot like SMG?
Yeah, that Buffy was actually pretty good given how she had just about two lines to get the character across. She had just the proper amount of expository badass?

And while it was nice to see them both given how the parody was mostly about how irksome some people think Twilight is particularly in context of undead-Americans, I was a little bummed to see they didn't include Spike who seems pretty recognizable. Even though there are plenty of other recent pop culture vampires of note.

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