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October 28 2009

Venice Magazine talks to Eliza Dushku. A nice, extensive interview with our Dollhouse star about what Quentin Tarantino thinks of Tru Calling, how Dollhouse and "The Target" came about, Hollywood, the universe and everything.

I was email­ing him a story of this adventure that I just had in the mountains in Colorado and he had emailed the entire pitch for the show, complete with like a one-sheet, an old pic­ture of me saying, “Who do you want me to be?” I was like, “Damn, this dude is not playing around.” I was so psyched and right when I wrote mine, he wrote back and said, “And this would be episode two.” He took my adventure story and made it into the tar­get episode last season.

I don't think I knew that before, very interesting.
Yep, that caught my eye too. Also interesting because "The Target" was at one point considered to be episode 8 of the season. Seems like it ended up right where it was originally planned to be. :)
I think I read that Tarantino is also a huge Charmed fan...
“Dollhouse” airs Fridays at 10PM on FOX.

Slaps forehead.

Great interview, though.
I love Eliza! One of her best interviews yet. She is an extraordinary human being.
Tarantino's also a big CSI fan (which led to him directing an ep) and was a huge Alias fan (which led to him guest starring).

There's no way he didn't like Buffy, right? That would seem to be right in his wheelhouse.

Anyway, good interview, lots of interesting stuff.
She has a big healthy brain. Goes with her big healthy heart.
Very cool interview.
I think that's also the first time we've ever heard Joss' one-sheet described, isn't it?
I wasn't even aware Joss made a one-sheet. I'm imagining an epic elementary school cut and paste job...
I dug this interview though! I'm not sure if I'm sleep deprived, Dushku talks in a slightly strange manner, or if it was transcribed a little strangely. Otherwise it's nice to see an actress that would be written off for her good looks still be so well put together intellectually and emotionally.

...I am a smidgen thrown as to Tarantino's tastes though. (I sort of side with Dushku that while there are some decent elements in Tru it wasn't especially varied.)
The One True b!X:" I think that's also the first time we've ever heard Joss' one-sheet described, isn't it?"

Yeah, early on we heard that Joss had made a "poster" for Dollhouse - but that was the last I'd heard of it. I've been wanting to see it, and hoped it might be on the extras, but t'wasn't.

I'm design-nosey, I know it.
I've never actually seen "Tru Calling" so I don't want to comment on it. However, I've noticed that, while I love Quentin Tarantino's movies almost to a one (I wasn't thrilled with his half of "Grindhouse," however) his tastes in movies quite often veers just a bit toward things that I personally don't think are all that good. It's as if he loves most the movies he can borrow from and then vastly improve.

As far as I know, he's never said anything about Whedon and I wouldn't be surprised if he might even be turned off. For one thing, Joss's work is caught up largely with moral concerns and while I wouldn't call Tarantino's films amoral, he really does seem to exist in a different moral universe. I will say they'd make an interesting team if they ever got to together and survived to tell the tale.
I will say they'd make an interesting team if they ever got to together and survived to tell the tale.

One thing's for sure. We'd see a lot of naked feet. :)
I actually liked Tru Calling. They started developing some really interesting storylines in the second season.
I saw the first few episodes of tru calling... that was enough for me.

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