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October 28 2009

Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie stars include some Whedon alumni. Eliza Dushku comes in at #26, Amy Adams at #25 and Sarah Michelle Gellar at #11.

And on a personal note I heartily agree with the #1 spot:)

"Most alluring as... Cold, calculating, but crucially smokin' hot, bitch, Kathryn Merteuil"
I beg to differ.
Pretty much agree with the men's list (execpt for a few including Robert P) ... the lady's list ... not so much.
I have a problem with the twilight and potter people being so high [patterson #2, watson #3 gods even radcliffe is on the list; pretty yes, sexy though?]. It's like the fansites sent their fans to bomb the poll [a lesson from whedonesque].The average age of the empire reader is 34 for gods sake.
Also Megan Fox at #1!?
Megan Fox?!? Come on people! She is SO fake!
I would have said stick like and a bit skanky but fake will do! ;)

[ edited by cdm22 on 2009-10-28 18:46 ]
I will have nothing said against Megan Fox:) Its not about acting ability or personality. Its sexiness. And ya...she wins hands down:)
I hadn't actually gotten to acting ability and personality, I was being nice ;)
Megan Fox and sexy should never be used in the same sentence. It's like she was run over by a bulldozer and put back together with some plastic.
On the other hand, their dithering over Emma Watson was highly amusing, in part because I'm right there with them.

One of the most "wrong" images I've ever seen was an expertly done HP/Sin City mashup, made when she definitely wasn't okay to think about.
I don't find Megan Fox particularly sexy, but I have to say that some of the comments here about her are a bit too much :/
Pretty much agree with the men's list (execpt for a few including Robert P)

I think Robert Patrick is really sexy.

Megan Fox is so overexposed its unfunny. Ugh.

[ edited by Jayme on 2009-10-28 21:22 ]
I'm sorry, Katherine Meteuil is about as warm as an Antarctic mackerel, cuddly as a thorny devil (Australian horned toad, sorta,) and charming as a vampire bat.

Guess Smidge subscribes to the Telly Savalas philosophy on playing villains; no redeeming features. (I also saw Kendall Hart.)

But she was cute as 7734 in Simply Irresistible and I don't care if she thinks she was miscast.
Emma Watson as #3 is an odd choice, but I definitely agree with #1 and 2 on the ladies' list.
I have no problem with Megan Fox but I think Natalie Portman should be number 1 :0). And it is nice to see that peeps are still giving props to the still absolutely gorgeous SMG.
My favorite part of the whole list was that 63 year old Alan Rickman was at #8, with 53% of people saying he should be higher!

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