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October 20 2003

(SPOILER) Face of an 'Angel'. NY Post speculation and some words from David Fury.

"We're getting a lot more of the back story brought back into the show - more of the dynamics of the prior relationships that were explored on 'Buffy,' are being re-explored on 'Angel' and taken to the next level."

Oh good. Can we explore that watcher/slayer dynamic some more then? What? Oh.

"more of the dynamics of the prior relationships that were explored on 'Buffy,' are being re-explored on 'Angel' and taken to the next level."

and if AH cameos, more of the dynamics of the actors' off-screen RL relationships will no doubt be explored in narratively useless, albeit extremely cute, Willow/Wesley flirting scenes like the one we saw in Orpheus...
There was Willow/Wesley flirting in Orpheus? Where was I? I remember her commenting on his five o'clock shadow...and some vague discussion of darkness, but mostly I remember the "flirting" between Willow and Fred.
I thought they were trying to get away from the backstory to make the show more accessible for new viewers. Wasn't that the point of the whole Connor amnesia thing, so they wouldn't have to referrence past episodes every 4 minutes. I hope they know what they're doing.
well, ok, ringworm, no scripted "flirting" but it was just evident that they exploiting the offscreen relationship in a fluff scene to gain ratings.

...not that there's anything wrong with was cute, but I remember thinking at the time that narrative screentime was running out and that scene had little purpose in advancing the plot.
My understanding of back story in the Whedonverse is actual flashbacks to previous events we may have heard about but not seen, not the referencing of old episodes. I would love to see how Harmony and Spike first met or better yet what happened in Prague!?!
I heard that WB conducted a private poll about how many Buffy fans actually watched Angel. From what I can remember it was not a high percentage (but I could be completely wrong about this). This may be another attempt to get die hard Buffy fans to watch the show.
Yeah, Jeff Bell said that a WB survey found that only 25% of Buffy watchers (Season 7 on UPN) also watched Angel. Sounds kinda bad, but the WB sees that as a tree full of new viewers ripe for the picking, so that data helped AtS more than it hurt.
you know that halfrek/spike scene in "older and far away" btvs s6 still bothers me to this day...what the hell was that all about?
Just a little insider reference to the fact that Halfrek was played by the same actress who played William's effulgent Cecily. Perhaps a hint of Halfrek's pre-demonic identity? I've always wondered.
Cecily couldn't be pre-demonic Halfrek. Hallie and Anya once talked about something they did during the Crimean War, which was mid 1850's. The Cecily thing happened in 1880.

The most common fanwank I've seen was that Halfrek was posing as Cecily for some justice demon related reason. Personally, I think that it was just an inside joke because it was the same actress.

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But think of what a great story could be built around it!
"What happened in Prague" - Some of the series writers (including Joss himself) will be putting out stories in the new "Tales of the Vampires" comic book series from Dark Horse, including that very tale. I think Drew Goddard's handling that story but don't quote me.
You're right, BloodyAwfulPoet. The Ultimate Drew will be penning the untold story of Spike & Dru and their little Prague problem that first lead the two to Sunnydale.
The show led me to believe that the Prague problem wasn't terribly complicated or interesting. Angry mob. Tried to kill Spike and Dru. Almost succeeded. They flee to the 'Dale. I'd be very interested to see what The Ultimate Drew does anyway, especially since I looooved Selfless (and told Emma Caulfield so myself :-D).
Thanks for the confirmation, Haunt. I'm just happy that any of the writers are producing more stories. I enjoyed Joss and Co.'s work in the Tales of The Slayer GN - should be fun to see what's coming up with the vamp stories.
Dear the Good Dude, I hope this does NOT mean Sparmony!

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