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October 28 2009

Buffy wins poll for best Halloween TV shows. TV Without Pity put together a list of the top ten Halloween TV shows. "Halloween", which introduced us to Ethan Rayne and featured Oz still looking for Willow, and "Fear Itself", featuring Anya in a bunny suit and Giles with a handy tool, tied for first place. Episodes from "Bones", "Supernatural" and "How I Met Your Mother" also made the list.

Sorry, but inner-BtVS geek needs to point out, "Inca Mummy Girl" introduced Oz, two episodes before. :-)
Buffy wins for Halloween episodes ("Halloween" is a personal favorite of mine), but Supernatural has it for Christmas. "A Very Supernatural Christmas" is epic. Though "Amends" comes really close.
Just changed the title because of pat32082 pointing out something I forgot. Thanks
I bet the Castle Halloween Episode makes the list next year! :D
I also quite liked All the Way (if that's the name of the name of the season 6 Halloween ep, I'm not entirely sure anymore). And I'm catching up with Castle (I'm only 2 eps behind right now) and while at the end of last season I almost stopped watching I think the series is getting better and better this second season. Looking forward to the Halloween ep.
Yeah, Groosalugg, I was just thinking that "All the Way" has been getting no love in all these lists. Giles handling a vamp like it was no problem, Dawn making the mistakes you have to make in order to grow up (and Xander pointing out how the wheel has turned), and finally the hapless couple who just came to make out... "Aw, that's sweet! Run."
Halloween is a classic and I'll be watching it October 31st for sure. All the way and Fear Itself aren't bad (especially the latter) but there's just something about Halloween that makes it extra Halloween-y for me. I especially love the idea of everybody turning into their costumes.

And yeah it's a yearly tradition for me to pop in Amends around Xmas time as well. I love it to death! I really wish BtVS had done more Xmas-themed episodes in the other seasons. TV Xmas specials are one of my favourite things about the holiday season.
Most US Xmas specials are much too schmaltzy for me but when done well they're cool.

And yep, 'Halloween' and 'Fear Itself' are decent episodes. Not as good as 'Pangs' for thanksgiving or 'Amends' for Christmas (one of the few schmaltzy episodes that gets a pass from me ;) IMO but still pretty watchable with some great Willow stuff in 'Halloween' particularly.

ETA: And oh yeah, didn't hate Brennan in the Wonder Woman costume both for the obvious reasons and also because when she does the twirl it's actually a very funny but sweet moment IMO - for just a second you really see the innocent little girl in her.

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