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October 28 2009

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted episode 1 out now on iTunes. $1.99 will buy you 13:38 worth of Joss Whedon, John Cassaday and Laura Martin's superb X-tale in motion comic format.

Anyone here bought it yet?

Gah! I hate links that try to launch applications. There should be a warning icon like most sites do with PDF links.

Is there an information link so we can find out what this is without having to install iTunes on our work computers?
From the iTunes description:

Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Eisner award-winning take on Marvel's Mightiest Mutants comes to life with the help of comics legend Neal Adams in the ASTONISHING X-MEN motion comic, adapting the acclaimed "Gifted" storyline! Marvel Motion comics: watch and hear your favorite comics, authors and artists come alive. You've never seen Marvel move like this.

The Season pass is $9.99, but no indication of how many episodes there will be. If there are more than five, then the pass will be a discount deal.

ETA: I purchased the season pass, but haven't downloaded it yet - I'll do that at home, this weekend.

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Presumably there'll be six, right? One for each issue.
I watched the preview, and I don't get it. What is a motion comic exactly?
I'm a tad confused. Wasn't this on the Marvel website over a year ago?
I think that was a different version.
It's also not available in the UK. I can't tell the difference between last years thing and this years judging by what I've seen in previews. Maybe it's just that now they have 5 more episodes?

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