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October 28 2009

Happy birthday, Tim Minear! The producer, director, and all around swell fellow turns 46 today.

His croquet scene was the creepiest thing I've seen in years. Hooray for Tim!
Simon, why are you watching Tim Minear's home videos?

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Tim Minear!
Happy Birthday, Tim! ^_^
Just flicked on a Minear/Fuller episode of Wonderfalls. Fantastic stuff. I love this guy and his writing and stuff.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Tim!

(on a seperate note: I wonder if people ever do the annoying Southpark 'Timmeeeh' thing with him, as they do with all the Tim's (2, so you just know that's a statistically completely representative sample ;)) I know...)

This calls for a rewatch of one of his episodes! Unfortunately... sleep now has priority ;)
Happy Birthday, Tim!
Happy birthday! :)
Happy birthday, Tim!

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Happy Birthday, Tim!
Happy Birthday, Tim- and here's to many more years of writing greatness!
Happy Birthday, Tim. Thank you for all the times you've made me laugh and cry. Keep flying!
Happy Birthday, Tim! :D
Happy Birthday to my favorite dark and twisted and funny compliment to Joss's ...... umm, dark and twisted and funny.

Write on! ;)


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