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October 29 2009

Trailer for The Mighty Macs. [Formerly Our Lady of Victory] starring David Boreanaz.

horrible name for the movie. looks cute though.
Certainly looks cute - can't imagine there is too much for David to do, though.
I was wondering whatever happened to this movie. Hopefully we'll see it soon. Too bad ESPN Classic doesn't show full-length movies anymore. This would be a natural
Looks about as good as Mr. Fix It.

Ok, ok, it's probably better than that, but it looks dull. It's basically Hoosiers with women. And nuns. I'm sure the story is inspirational, it's just ... Boreanaz should be doing better stuff than this.
Could have done without the voice-over but it looks cute. What can i say, I'm a fan of female empowerment stories. :)
Looks cute, even if it has a cheesey trailer ;)
Looks promising. l'd go see it esp with three great actors who make this movie so appealing.

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