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October 29 2009

John Cassaday explains the Astonishing X-Men in motion. Artist John Cassaday explains to Marvel Spotlight the process that turned Astonishing X-Men: Gifted into a motion comic.

Not the most illuminating interview ever. Didn't he just repeat the Spider-Woman/AXM comparison question back to the interviewer?
So they're having John Cassaday, an awesome visual artist, direct "The Attic," an episode where the visuals will be especially important . . .
Is that the first definite confirmation that it's episode 10 he's directing ? And yep, can't wait to see what he does with it, he's one of the "guest stars" i'm most looking forward to.

And i'm surprised to hear that Spider-Woman is an original motion comic. Only seen episode 1 but there was virtually no actual animation that I could see so i'd assumed from appearances that it was originally static images with basic "parallax" motion added afterwards (that's not the right term I bet but I mean still images that're only moving against their background as opposed to AXM which has - for better or worse - animated lips etc.).

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There's gonna be an episode of Season 2 called "The Attic" ? The title alone...
Is that the first definite confirmation that it's episode 10 he's directing ?

Well, the casting call for 2x10 had his name attached to it a week ago, and I consider casting calls to be pretty definitive. :)
Fair enough, I don't read those cos *spoilers* ! ;)

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