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October 20 2003

(SPOILER) WB trailer for "Hellbound" now available. Includes the infamous "graphic images and mature content" warning, natch.

OMG!This episode is gonna be awesome.
Hellbound? More like bloody Hellraiser. Really looking forward to this one. Gut feeling says this may be one of the best episodes of this season.
I agree that this episode looks phenominal... simply can't wait!! It seems to have this weird Shining feeling too it. Too bad they aren't in the hotel anymore. lol

Am I the only one that finds it kind of surreal, seeing Spike's face (alone) next to the Angel logo like that? I know it's because this episode is so very character-centric, but it still seems odd. I don't remember them doing that before, with either Angel or Buffy. If anyone was shown with the logo, it was the person the show was named for. I think this shows just how much they've got the new story/season/series riding on Spike's shoulders.
I think the use of the "viewer discretion is advised" warning in this ad is about the best advertising ploy ever.

I and everyone I watched the episode with perked up during the preview. Violence? Nudity? Excellent!

It's possible that we're just a little sick on the inside, but I like to think that these factors indicate a level maturity in the program that might not be reached in a regular episode, and that's why I get excited about it.
Yay! Fred in shower! She's absolutely gorgeous.

And although I'm a little sick of Spike (2 years of him being waved in front of you shirtless will do that) I'm hoping some developement of his character will make him more compelling, Plus, spookiness!
Not sure why my post was deleted. Anyway, I was just saying that I hope that this ep is the last time that I have to see James Marsters-related nudity. Yes, we know you're 41 and are well-preserved. No, I don't want to see your backside again.
JM has said more than once that he's uncomfortable being nude - or nearly so - on set. The decision to show his well-preserved body isn't his. (Me, I like it - and I'm tickled to find out he's my age.)
I can't wait to see the PTC jump all over this episode. *rolls eyes*
So I'm curious: in this season we've seen a spoon in a guy's brain and that wasn't "Graphic Violence". We saw a girl being chained and stripped that wasn't "Partial Nudity". Makes you wonder how they define the terms. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Just makes me chuckle is all.
The baseball playoffs are spanking everyone else in the ratings. If advertising nudity and gore helps, go for it!
As a lustful female, it may come as surprise to many when I say "I am about sick and tired of seeing James bounce around nekkid on my television scene". You see it once, then the suspence/excitment is gone. Now I'm just annoyed. Put some damn clothes on already. DAMN!!

And that whole warning of "Partial Nudity" makes no sense when they actually show the damn partial nudity in the damn trailer. It makes even no more sense when we look at last weeks episode with a half nekkid chick, and we got no "Warning" in advance.


I'll be watching the game. Go Yankees!!
brother_grady, I don't think any post was deleted here. Simon?

... where can I download the baseball games?
No I didn't delete any post here either.
Looks like an awesome ep
Too bad for overprotective parent syndrome (which i suffer from every now and then, and I am 18!!!)
grr arrgh
Well, so far this season, we have seen: Angel with no shirt, Nina lying naked on the floor of the cage, we then saw her watered down asthough it were a wet t-shirt thing, we also see in the promo that Fred will be in the shower. By the time this season is over, we will have seen every character plus their friends naked.

I don't know if we will see his backside (although we did see DB's in season 3 of BtVS...whether you enjoyed it is up to you) but brother_grady, this is a tv show. It is not like the actor walks in and says that they want to be naked. As somebody else pointed out, JM does NOT enjoy taking off his clothes as he says it is like a nightmare.
Don't forget the first instance of partial nudity this season: Gunn had his shirt off in the premiere. He was going through a painful procedure at the time, so maybe that doesn't count. But JM is by far the only one that has to be nekkid this year.
Nirvana, I haven't really thought about whether JM wants to get nekkid or not, I'm just saying that I can do without seeing it again. That, plus the serious lack of female eye candy on the show are just some requests/concerns that I have. The werewolf chick shows promise, though. I guess I sound like the show only appeals to my prurient interest -- it's kind of tongue-in-cheek, though.

It's just a shock to go from Darla, Faith, Jasmine, Cordelia and Lilah to Fred, Harmony and Eve. Big dropoff. Here's a question: when Spike becomes whole, as I expect he will soon, do y'all think he'll have a love interest, since he's not a eunuch like Angel?
If so, I hope they'll pair him with Harmony, cause at least it'll be funny in a Burton/Taylor way.

"It's just a shock to go from Darla, Faith, Jasmine, Cordelia and Lilah to Fred, Harmony and Eve."

brother_grady I hope can can understand why I said what I did since what you said seemed to imply you thought that actors walk in going "I am taking off my clothes now cause ladies, I am looking hot!".

And being a female, myself, it is a relief to see some male nudity since where ever you go on tv, you see naked women.

And if Spike gets with Harmony, it will be quite the character assasination.

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