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October 29 2009

If Sunnydale were Riverdale. Blogger Chris Sims discusses how Archie(!) totally ripped off Buffy. Would you believe Veronica Lodge as the Chosen One?

Heck, even the 'bot comes straight outta BtVS.

So there's an amiable blonde named B---y and a sneering dark-haired queen of the school with a four-syllable name and they make her the Chosen One. Huh.

(Besides, everyone knows Josie is the slayer.)

[ edited by Craig Oxbrow on 2009-10-29 13:50 ]
Eh, there's a lot of trading in the genre. Buffy has influences too.
Hehehe "polished his helmet". That's a great link.
The Ender??? Thanks for that link, it gave me a good laugh :).

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