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October 29 2009

Dollhouse off the air in the UK until New Year. Dollverse was told by Sci Fi UK that the show will take a break after "Belonging" airs on next Tuesday.

Well, that's that, then. December it is.
So much for reclaiming the Empire. I had such plans too.
So much for reclaiming the Empire.


In seriousness though, I was kind of hoping they'd get to air them early in the UK just on the off chance the internet fandom chatter could generate some buzz that spread in advance of the US airing.
This is the biggest disaster to hit the fandom since the last one.
And you always find stuff in very last place you look for it.
So the UK goes from having to only wait a week more than North America for "Belonging", to waiting a month more for the new episodes ? Ouch (yeah, I know a bunch will torrest, but ouch for the aired-only viewers).
Well, you gotta admire Fox's consistency.
I'm not really sure this one is Fox's fault.
Except in the sense that FOX delayed it in the US, making the UK schedule an issue.
Oh the irony in the episode title eh?
Okay - I'm frustrated and happy all at the same time!
Well that doesn't surprise me.
So we think Fox just exercised its right to run it first 'eh? Well if they order a back 9, I won't complain. If they're just burning these however, what's the point?
Sorry, but I think this is a VERY good thing. Otherwise people in the US would just download illegally and be less likely to watch on air and on Hulu.
I'm still a bit confused as to how this would have been our springboard to reclaiming the empire.

But I can't say I'm surprised. Annoying that it won't air in December either, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have had doubled-up episodes so I guess it just didn't make sense to air maybe 3 episodes and then stop again for christmas scheduling. Ah well. And I don't even have Sci-Fi, so why do I care...
1. UK gets 'Dollhouse' first.
2. ...
3. Empire !
4. Saje gets to keep Illinois which he totally bagsied first.

Obvious really. In fact not seeing its inherent truth makes me wonder about certain people's JFQ (Johnny Foreignority Quotient) !

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