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October 30 2009

What couples argue about when they watch Firefly and Serenity. It's the "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" essay taken from "Serenity Found".

broken link or website too busy?
I can't get on either. Will try again later.
Well i can tell you what me and my partner argue about... whether it's actually any good or not! (He's just not that into it and i adore it.) Sigh, i watch alone most of the time.
I can't get into Firefly for some reason.
Sorry, guys - not sure what's going on with the website but hopefully it'll be up again soon! I was told the essay would be up until next Wednesday, so there's still time to read it. While you're at the site, take a moment to check out their Buffy, Angel and first Serenity essay collections. (I didn't contribute to any of those, so this isn't a plug for me.) Smart Pop does some really fabulous work, a very cool series.
Worked for me originally (though not at the moment) so the link's OK, the site must just have temporary issues.

Got the book so this essay wasn't new to me but I still enjoyed it and understand completely BTW Lani, coming out of the cinema I felt like i'd been punched in the stomach and it took me a while to really absorb what had happened (even though Wash was probably also my favourite 'Firefly' character it sort of floored me to be honest, I haven't had that strong a response to fiction since I was a kid). I can watch it though, now that I know it's coming it's less painful. And I support the decision (much as I might wish it was otherwise) just because it's such a powerful moment and really throws the whole end of the film wide open.
We really don't argue about any of it. My husband loves it more than he lets on though, which might count.
I love this article!

I always envy women who have husbands/partners who watch and discuss Joss's shows with them.
Fun article, enjoy it very much. My wife (like the author) resisted Firefly but like so many SciFi shows, she buckled and was won over. (I can't get her on board with Buffy though. I fail at Whedon Fandom :( )

She also won't talk endlessly about Firefly with me. Hence my joing Whedonesque.

But we've had some Firefly/Movie fights so I totally feel this article. Good stuff.
I was in the totally devastated camp, too. But Wash was my fifth or sixth favorite character on the show. So why it got to me more strongly than any on-screen death ever puzzles me at times.
Wash had the death of an extra. And he was the supposedly untouchable comic relief character. So, yeah, devastating. I still curl up into the fetal position in the minutes leading up to his death, and then the fight scene's all blurry because I'm in teary-eyed mourning.
It would be much more useful if they could give me some guidance on how to find a partner to argue about Serenity with... ;)

Wash's death was an unbelievable moment for me in the film - one of the only times in any sort of fiction where I have been so attached to characters who are suddenly in so much more danger than I had realised and my heart jumps into my mouth and for the rest of the story, everything is happening at 200% intensity. (I can pinpoint most of these moments, and they invariably make everything associated with them shine: Jenny's death is the only other one for me in the Whedonverse.) For that reason, it gets so much more appreciation from me than the usual 'it's Joss, someone's going to die' lassitude with which I greeted deaths in, say, Buffy s6 and 7.

I find Wash's death almost impossible to rewatch though. Knowing it's coming... argh.

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Thanks for understanding! I do love Firefly and Serenity, and one of these days, I'll have the strength to watch Serenity again.

Did anyone see last week's episode of Castle? When Nathan came out in the Mal outfit and the Firefly tones hit? Made me SO happy.
Even though Wash was one of the most painful character deaths, it's also the one I joke about the most. I figure he would've wanted it that way.

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