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October 30 2009

Dollhouse to air in the Czech Republic. Local TV "Prima COOL" will start to air the show from the 27th November under the title (translated into English) "House of puppets". Cool, huh?

No further information is currently known, but you can see a banner on the TV's official website advertising the show. The young TV, which started broadcasting only this year in April, has already premiered Angel and Tru Calling in the country.

I'm not sure if that's true about "Angel". When I lived in Prague in 2002-2003 the electronics stores all seemed to have plenty of "Angel" season boxsets in stock.
House of Puppets!
Even though it's got nothing to do with Angel, I see myself flashing back to the puppet episode. :|
eyeboogers: You can believe me. Angel was not broadcasted in the Czech Republic before. Those DVD's must have been foreign imports. In fact, the country is still waiting for the last 4 seasons of Buffy. The first three were broadcasted multiple times, but it seems that the local TV's found the remaining ones too dark and less teenager-friendly than the first three and thus decided not to buy them. However, a few years back, the whole Buffy was broadcasted 2 times on Slovak public TV, so I guess some Czechs who didn't already see the remaining seasons, might have watched them through that.

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Anuris is right, Angel wasn't aired here in Czech Republic before Prima Cool got the rights. I have also seen Angel DVDs in several Prague stores, but they were not many and they were all imported from the UK.
Anyway, looking forward to seeing Dollhouse in Czech TV. And here's to hoping Prima Cool will buy broadcasting rights to Firefly next. :-D
... "You're a bloody puppet !" ...
ROFL, Maz. *must watch that episode*
Interesting that it's going to be shown in the Czech Republic.

R.U.R (Rossums Universal Robots) was originally a Czech stage play. I'm sure Joss got some inspiration for Dollhouse from it:'s_Universal_Robots)
That is interesting. ;o
I like 'House of puppets' as a title better than 'dollhouse'

I reckon if they'd called it that, it would have been a hit
You can't change peoples reactions to a show just by changing the name. ;o
Ah but you can get more people to watch it in the first place.

I'd have tried "Ninja Girl Go Fight !", that has a 12 million viewers feel to it.
LOL. I would watch that show. :P

I still have to catch up on Dollhouse.
"Transformers: The Next Generation"
"Co-ed Showers vs NASCAR: The Series"

I would watch that show. :P

1 down, 11,999,999 to go ;-).
'Toastie The Baker' :|
It didn't work when they billed Firefly as "Late Night Informercial" or "Paid Programming" ;-)
Hm, I wonder if the somewhat different cultural background will make it a mega hit over there :)
Hunted, when you say "cultural background" are you referring to ethnicity, or the fact that prostitution isn't illegal and attitudes are apparently very laid back about it in the Czech Republic ? (at least from what I read in an article not too long ago--and how it's a major contributor to the tourism industry there, especially in Prague)
Hunted: I doubt it will be a megahit since Prima COOL is just a small TV which can be viewed by less than 60% of Czech population. Think CW in the US.

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