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October 30 2009

Nathan in London being a Complete Hero. Nathan Fillion to appear at Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London on Nov 6th for the Complete Hero public artwork project.

More info on the project here.

Remember remember [the day after] the 5th of November.

Seems a long time since this was first mentioned on here, very interesting, worthy project. Can't access Flash only sites at work, does it say how long it's running for ?
It's running from the 4th to the 10th, 5-9pm. It's a public installation but you "subscribe" to get invites. Twitter feeds seem to be saying that the shindig bit is booked up, so it would probably be hanging around outside looking at the projections and hoping for a meet and greet.
I'd struggle to make the 6th anyway but i'm planning to visit as many of the big London museums as possible before next May (i.e. while they're still free ;) and thought I might be able to kill two birds. Quite a small window though unfortunately.

ETA: And cheers for the info BTW ;).

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Are they stopping them being free???!! No! Thank god that initiative coincided with me becoming a proper grown up. I feel fortunate.

I have a study day so will be trying to make it along. I'm sure culture counts as study. As do markets and sushi. And beer. Maybe see some of you Whedonesquers outside.
There's a section in Waterstone's called "Cultural Studies" so it totally counts.

(and I don't know they'll start charging again but let's just say I anticipate a change of government to a party that's traditionally been less about giving stuff away ;)
Hmm, hadn't thought of that. On the other hand, they're big on tradition and tea. Maybe if you wear a hoodie they'll let you in for free? (Although they'll probably insist that you leave it at the door before entry.)

Anyway, no fair, I have to go to London (and Westminster area, too) for a silly meeting on Wednesday. I can't even use the 'haven't been to London for ages' excuse to go in again on Friday.
I got married in the Guards Chapel.

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