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October 30 2009

"Locked In" Trailer. Formerly "Valediction". Co-Starring Eliza Dushku.

Clarke Peters! Aw, so good to see him.
I'm getting the distinct impression that he thinks Eliza's character ran his family off the road. Off the road? Yes, off the road.
I'm calling it now: one (or all) of the characters are manifestations of his guilt and when CP says he has to forgive, he's not talking about the Doosh, he's talking about HIMSELF.

Dun dun dunnnnn.

There, I've saved you all ten bucks.
beergood, I think you're on to something there...
I'm not so sure about that beergood...they could have made it more obvious if that was the point...maybe by repeating it a couple of times...just a suggestion like!
No, didn't you hear her? He ran HIMSELF off the road. He ran his LIFE off the road! Off the road!
I wish an old wise black man with a bow-tie could appear randomly in my life and guide me through it.

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I like the visual aesthetic to this picture, and that music is nice and thumpin', but the script and acting appear to be a bit suspect to me. Everyone sounds sincere at least, but this has the potential to become too contrived and melodramatic. I'll check it out on DVD.
Yes, beergood. Cringe!

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