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October 30 2009

Variety reviews "V" premiere. "... The pilot busily races through too much business, but it dangles a tantalizing array of plots, and features a knockout performance (in more ways than one) by Morena Baccarin as the cool, beguiling alien leader."

Next Tuesday? I wonder if anyone here in the UK has picked it up.
Sci-Fi Channel has it for "early 2010". Supposedly.
I knew Morena would garner some praise, and deservedly so. :D
Scifi definitely has it in the UK. I was at their screener showing of the first 10 mins at London Expo last week. The first 10 mins did not look great - Morena only came in right at the end.
Saw this at Comic-con and it absolutely killed! Can't wait to see it again and to see where they are going with it. I was a huge fan of the original and this version is wonderful.
I remember watching the original as a kid and loved it. Was excited they were bringing it back but got more so when I saw Morena in the teaser.

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