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October 30 2009

'An Education' starring Olivia Williams Released Today. Olivia Williams stars in the new film 'An Education', which has been released in UK cinemas today.

The film is also currently showing in a handful of cinemas across America, and will be released at more in the future. Check the website for release dates.

This has been out in the USA for a couple of weeks now, and is often tagged by the film press as a likely contender for Oscars/awards. Really well done movie, and Olivia is perfect (she plays a key, though supporting, role).
I am so upset that I am in Italy until December, and will likely not see this until it comes out on DVD. I've been looking forward to this movie since April. Check out the trailer, it looks bloody brilliant!
I'm aching to see this one! It's gotten great reviews, and I love the cast as a whole. Did anybody see the Dr. Who Carey Mulligan did, Blink? So spooky, and she was good!
Blink is one of the most talked about and liked DW episode, and was a Steven Moffat episode which is why so many are excited about him as the new head writer. But as you say, Carey was great.
Just got back from seeing this tonight. We were meant to have a Q&A with Lynn Barber (the real Jenny) afterwards but she was sick. It was utterly fabulous. Excellent textured and totally real characters all brought to life flawlessly by the cast. Olivia is great. As are Emma Thompson, Alfred Molina, Rosamund Pike (hilarious), Dominic Cooper... all of them. Best film I've seen in ages. :)

Also helps to be in Oxford. Lots of the uni gags got heartfelt chuckles.

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