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October 30 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Brian Lynch about 'Last Angel in Hell' aka Angel Annual #1. Brian Lynch: 'the whole movie is very Jerry Bruckheimeresque'.

I added another link to the entry, it's of a similar nature.
Actually I messed up saying it was from Newsarama - I had just been on the site and mistakenly put that in the headline. You posted the same interview as me:)
I'm straight, but I have a total man crush on Brian Lynch.
This looks like it's going to be fun.And just from a pure fan prespective,I would of killed to see a little nod to this in Buffy Season 8.
You posted the same interview as me:)

Ha! Long day.
Love Brian interviews! Really great stuff and this current arc is such fun. :)
I just can't wait for this!! I have really, really missed Spike and I really, really am looking forward to this and a new Spike series!! Thanks Brian!!!!
Has anyone got word on the canonicity of these new angel books? After Whedon's name got removed from the header I became suspicious, and then I read Aftermath and felt violated. Thoughts anyone?
Officially tedley!, they're probably not, but Whedon hasn't said one way or the other. And probably won't any time soon, as it'd probably be seen as rude/bad form to do so while Angel comics are still running at IDW Publishing. In a few years, he may say something about it--J. Michael Straczynski eventually commented on the various Babylon 5 novel and comic book adaptations, some being "fully canon/accepted canon" and even going so far as to give percentages to some he mostly liked--like the Anna Sheridan one was 90% canon, for example, while disregarding many as not fitting comfortably with the show/not making sense with the characters.

However, with no new filmed Angel material or Joss/Mutant Enemy-written Angel comics forthcoming, from the looks of it, whether they "count" is entirely up to you. With nothing to contradict them at the moment, they can count if you want them to and if they feel like they do (and I suppose you can just pretend the parts you don't like didn't happen--it's easier to do with comic adaptations than it is for actual episodes, IMO). If you liked "After the Fall", it might help that Brian Lynch returned to the main book post-"Aftermath".
Wow. I only just got my Whedonesque membership an hour ago. I figure hey, I'll post some thoughts. And I get a seriously thorough totally awesome rapid response.

This is mad!

Thank you Kris.

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