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October 20 2003

Cordelia Kent?!? Carpenter in the running for Lois Lane role in new Superman movie.

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You know, I never would've thought of Charisma as Lois, but now that it's in my head it seems absolutely perfect...MUCH better than some of the other candidates (I'm talkin' ta YOU, Barrymore!).

i like courtney cox for lois because she's reminiscent of margot kidder... same sort of angular face and big eyes. charisma would make an excellent wonderwoman tho'... i can't think of anyone who would fill out that costume as healthily and spectacularly. i guess i'm soft on the original physicality that linda carter and kidder brought to their respective roles.
Don't bet on it. Dark Horizons publishes just about every rumor they get their hands. Britney on Buffy. Boreanaz as Batman. All of those popped up there numerous times.
But Britney's appearance was actually going to happen, until there was scheduling conflict, or ME realised it would be shit. And David Boreanaz did test screen as Batman, but conflicts with Angel prevented him from going further with it. So don't discredit this straight away. This could be huge for Charisma, and she definitely deserves it. As long as it's not a crappy movie...
This'd be great! I'm always up for a good Superman yarn, and Charisma would be a perfect Lois!

Who's the latest candidate for the Man of Steel? Do we know?
i think the latest candidate for superman is brendan fraser.

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