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October 30 2009

The Big Damn Replica now available for pre-order. Only a thousand will be made, so you better get it soon if you have the money.

It's got quite a price to it, but the detail is pretty damn amazing. I've already ordered mine and it's definitely worth it. There's also a payment plan for those that can't pay it all at once.

Or I could use that same amount of money and watch the Big Damn Movie on a state of the art 60 inch plasma screen whenever I wanted....

It's certainly beautiful, but how about a "Little" Damn Model I can build myself without having to mortgage my house or sell a friend's kidneys?

Yeah, as staggeringly amazing as that replica is (which I got to see first-hand in a small room at Dragon*Con), it would take me an average of four years to pay that off. They say money can't buy happiness, but if I had the money for one of these, I'd imagine I would be pretty damn chuffed. :)
At that price I don't see them running out of stock any time soon
At that price I don't see them running out of stock any time soon

I hear that.
I was well up for ordering one, but thats too rich for my blood.
A grand maybe, but 2 and a half???
God I wish I was rich. I would have the awesomest stuff ever.
I ordered mine. :D (Thank you deployment money) They were offering 500 dollar discounts on early orders (if you sent in your email for the waiting list), and international shipment turned out to be a lot cheaper than I thought it would be too. So, all in all, it ended up being a rather expensive-but-not-so-much transaction.

And now I wait.

"At that price I don't see them running out of stock any time soon"

I snagged up edition #98 and that was only minutes after the early pre-order thing opened on the 23rd. So, I'm not sure what indication that is as to how fast they are selling.

I do hope the majority of which are fans and not stuffy collectors that will try to turn around and sell these for even higher prices. :o

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I love the Big Damn Model, I really do. But personally, I feel like QMx owes us an apology. They originally promised us a Serenity Model in the $550 range, at least 2 years ago. They even had $50 off coupons printed. They're well aware of the current economy, but insist on staying High-end. I'd love to get the big one, but a moderately sized and priced Model would probably make them even more money than this (beautiful) one. JMHO.

Please note that I actually have a very good relationship with QMx. I have bought many of their items, and have given them high praise on TFAW and other collectibles Sites. I just feel I have to express my opinion about this. If it's too snarky, I won't object to the Mods deleting this post.

-And Carmie, I ordered the Blueprint Set one minute after it became available. I got #374. The # of your model is pretty much a crapshoot, based on previous (multiple) experiences.

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TDB - I don't think you're being snarky.
I pretty much agree with you. I'm not sure what happened to the model I wanted. The BDR is a fantastic model with a fantastic price. I'm glad QMx is going to build them, but I wish I could get a very nice "bookshelf" sized model. Because while the price tag gives me pause, so does finding the space to properly display it. I'd love a QMx quality model that I can "fly" around the room in one hand then land on a shelf. :)

But that's just me - if you're not me you, should go order a BDR right now.
I went ahead and signed up for the Wait List in advance and was pleasantly surprised to see the discounts offered on the Serenity Blue Prints and the replica of Mal's pistol, both of which I needed (or needed as much as any of us truly need those things [which in my case was quite a bit =) ]).

It wasn't too long ago that they had proposed two versions of this Replica, one to be more expensive with the light show and one without that option. I had planned on foregoing the lights for the lesser cost, but at some point they apparently decided to only offer the more expensive version with the lights.

The price was stiff, but this seemed like a once in a lifetime chance to own this beautiful Replica. I ordered first thing on the 23rd and had a tiny bit of trouble getting my order to go through, but not too much. It processed 6-7 minutes after the ordering period opened and I got ship #65.

Carmie, I also hope that as many as these ships as possible will be going to good homes among people who appreciate them. That's a nice thought.

Speaking of nice, after a long time waiting I finally was around for an open registration period, just joined, and this is my first post! Thank you for having me. =)
Once again, glad I've never become familiar with this particular franchise of Joss's.
Welcome aboard, Risch22 :D
Believe me, I am tempted, but money is scarce, and all spoken for through the rest of the year. :(

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If I was that rich I'd get a life-size Cylon centurian -- --- only $8000.

But the Serenity would be perfect office desk decore -- maybe it could be a business expense of some sort. If insurance company executives are Firefly fans, these will sell.
Um. For 2 grand, I'd want alot more than blinking, flashing and strobing lights... I'd pay 300, and even that is a stretch... I mean come on. 19"? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have one but my god, that's 100x more exorbitant than the Comic Con Dollhouse blu-ray.
See, this is the same thing that happens in my hobby - most of the models are somewhat expensive (Back when my mom bought hers they went for $2 a horse; now they're $35-$45) but the quality is amazing. But the really nice ones, the Connoisseur series, runs $200 plus shipping. And that's a lottery - you send in your card, and if you're drawn then you pay. I'd truly love to get a Conn horse or two, but there's no way I can justify spending that kind of money on a plastic horse. (Second-hand market is even more insane.) Not when I've got rent, bills, gas, food... And especially not now when all our hours are being cut @work because another store is closed for remodeling & all their employees are going to be @our store for a month.

Any way. Digression aside - why do companies seem to all assume that collectors have bottomless pockets? It's rather rude, in my opinion. I get "you pay for the quality" but...that's more than my car cost!

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