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October 30 2009

Why I Watch has Dollhouse shirts available. Proceeds go toward fan efforts to promote the show.

Nice! I love the broken doll shirts. But no ladies love for the medicinal carrots? I wanna ladies medicinal carrots shirt!
Living in Humboldt County, the medicinal carrots shirt would be perfect! Hmmm....but I'm torn between that and the broken doll shirt.
I want that nightie... I also like the Alpha tie, but I don't really have a need for ties. Father's Day?
Let me know what you want here or on Twitter @whyiwatch and I'll make them. Also if there's sufficient demand, I can pay for the premium account which will let customers choose their own shirt, color and design. Would that be favored?

Additionally, both gossi and I felt that we didn't want to just ask for donations and it was better if people get something for their money. Having said that, only about 30% of the purchase price comes to us, the rest goes to the T-shirt manufacturers/printers. What is the best approach (in your opinion) for maximizing resources?

These are really fun and easy to make, so I can keep rolling out new ones as desired.
If there were 3xl of these I would buy a couple right now.
This, the quotes topic, and the open registration have really made my day. Ordered the "I'm ready for my treatment" shirt. I hope they add some patches and buttons. My Buffy and Serenity patches could use a new partner in crime.
I'm kind of leaning towards the "I have 37 personalities. This isn't the nice one" (or whichever it is. It's been a few hours since I looked but then I got to register here after lurking for over a year now so I had to make a first post.
Ta da?
Oh, they're lovely! A bit expensive ($35.99!) to ship to Australia though - at least using a method that would get here in a timely fashion. That's not a criticism of course, it's just the down side of living so far away.
I wish I weren't broke, I'd buy the "don't forget to wipe" one right now.
I don't see the tie. I see two pages of T shirts. And when I go to the home page of the Why I Watch Dollhouse site, I see no links to the merchandise.

I like the T shirts. Probably going to order a "carrots".
Ordering a Carrots tee for myself and my sister and the Alpha tie for my kid. So glad they take Paypal, I'm too lazy to go get my credit card from the other room. Well done guys!
janef, the tie is at the bottom middle of page three
Welcome, trunktheslayer!
Love the shirts. . Now I have the greatest Christmas presents to hand out!

Also, first post. . woohoo!
I love these! The 'Sweet & Merciful Joss' tee is a definite.

'Play With Me' in a black tee with both the writing & the black parts of the doll in red would be awesome. If not possible, I would still buy it in a red tee :-)
Wow, these look great! :). I'm thinking about getting the 'This doll is broken' shirt, if I can free up the money to pay for it with the added postage.

Also: welcome, new posters!
Thinking about the 'carrots' t-shirt. I bet if you walk down the right street in that one strangers will come up to you and offer you money for "goods" ;).

(i'd also chip in if you guys included a donate button BTW and I suspect that might be a good idea anyway, more people - especially we furreners - might be more likely to chip in $5 or $10 than can manage 30% of $20 or $30, even if we do get a spiffy t-shirt/tie/etc. into the bargain. Especially since i'm assuming you don't get any percentage from postage which will be a significant proportion of the cost to us. Just IMO, course)

And welcome newbs ;).
Here's another newbie; I've been reading Whedonesque several times a day for years but apparently never when registration was open... I bought a couple of shirts (great work, whyiwatch!), but I think the option of donating directly with PayPal could be open as well.
Also new here now that registration is open! I second the "donate" button idea. Also, perhaps more shirts suitable for high school students to wear to school? (No drug references, no inappropriate language, no sexual suggestiveness...I know that eliminates a lot. Something more cerebral?)
Also, perhaps more shirts suitable for high school students to wear to school? (No drug references, no inappropriate language, no sexual suggestiveness...I know that eliminates a lot. Something more cerebral?)

"I want to be my best".
Simon, good one. Or this? "The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates." Or something more related to the science-y side of it? Hmmm.

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Firefox wasn't showing pages three and four. I switched to Safari and found the page with the tie, thanks.
How do I love these? Let me count the ways...

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