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October 30 2009

20 hottest male vampires. "The Vampire Craze: An In Depth Analysis Of The Hottest Male Vampires", Angel and Spike made the list.

Not to reignite an old discussion, but how the heck did Edward bloody Cullen make the list? I don't understand what this craze over Twilight is. That was a book that didn't need a film, the film just ruined it.

Oh, and by the way, the actor, Robert Pattinson, admitted that he has no muscles, and has to get the abs painted on. :|
I have an unhealthy amount of indignation about Angel ranking fifth. He pretty much *is* my list of hottest male vampires.
Spike will always be #1 in my eyes - hot, funny, devoted, and oh-so-genuine even when he is posturing - what's not to love.
No way is Angel #5 ... And behind Robert P??? no way! Angel's always been #1 on my list. We can argue about Angel v Spike 'til the cows come home but the two of them are definitely the top two.
I approve of the #1 selection.
Ah, the Twilight crazed teenage girls.
The list isn't about how good a book, TV show or movie is it's about hot vampires ;) And even as a het guy, I (and apparently Joss) can admit hes very pretty.

He looks like a mini DB and I bet you anything if they'd cast him as Connor, that character would be way more popular with the fans than he was.

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I don't hate him, I hate all the fan hype.
Wow second poll this week won /leading by Spike(see Paley site)
Spike's cheekbones alone could beat Edward Cullen.

I think I'm gonna go watch Buffy vs. Edward again.
I concur with numbers 1 and 2. #2 might be young but, "my god that boy is hot" :) But more importantly, Yay Spike!
Tranquility: He's like 24. :|
A beauty school guide website? This looks like one of those sites that steals trendy content to get the ad traffic.
Yea Spike although your list is pretty cool
Gotta love the Spike love. What I wouldn't give to see his reaction to Edward sparking. ;)

Would have placed Alex O'Loughlin much higher - like #2.
This looks like one of those sites that steals trendy content to get the ad traffic.

No kidding, this is the spammiest feeling website, fairly expansive but has no Google PageRank at all. Something's wrong. heh

But it appears to be original content. Intriguing.
OK. A weekend of Buffy is in order, complete with #1 Spike! Edward Cullen really should be toward the bottom of the list. He's more like tepid and pasty than hot.
Angel at #5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blasphemy!
He's #1 on my list any day, with Spike at #2. Glad Spike beat Twinkle Toes, though.

Edward at #2 - no. Just no. 'He's more like tepid and pasty than hot.' - exactly! Also, he stole Angel's hairstyle, and did it badly!

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demon magnet, Spike is also leading in a poll from it is called vampire wars who's the best evil (yet hot) vampire. I love it when my favorite character ever on TV wins these polls, Spike rocks. But Angel should have been number 2 and very glad to see Jason Dohring/Josef make the top ten, he was awesome in Moonlight, liked him even better than Alex/Mick. I am not a fan of Rob P. just way to wimpy for a character that is supposed to be HOT.
I've never seen Twilight, yet I pride myself on having an informed indifference to it all. As much as I want Buffy to stake Edward - I like Robert Patterson (R-Patz, as the magazines and I like to refer to him as.) He seems similar to me in the indifference towards Twilight and the way he doesn't appreciate Stephanie Meyer as a writer. It might just be me, being in the UK and the craze, whilst there, (every teenage girl has a copy in their bag) doesn't seem to carry the same stigma. I find the whole thing quite interesting. I like the actors as well (Kristen Stewart was great in Adventureland) and... I have no more to say.

As for the poll, Go Spike! and I don't get the attraction towards Ian Somerhalder. I do kinda like him as Boone, and people actually respect TVD's now so I might have to check it out. Surprised at it being not just a Twilight knock-off. Kevin Williamson must just be that talented. ;p
Whiney Louis beat out guh-inducing Lestat?! Blade came out higher than Lestat?!

Edward came higher than Angel/us?!

At least my #1 is right - but still!

And as much as I love Gerard *mmm* Gary Oldman will always be Dracula to me.

E's Kristin has always been a Spike/JM fan.
Made my day...Spike in the #1 spot, right where he belongs.
Red with black was more Angel's gig than Spike's , wasn't it? "Yah vell."

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Show of hands if you're tired of these lazy blog fanbait lists. As an aside, no girl vampires!?
As young vampires go, I'd substitute Patterson with Henry from Blood Ties. But still not at #2. Angel should be higher. Spike's exactly where he should be.
eth3er, the list is entitled "20 hottest MALE vampires".

And Spike is #1 now and forever - hubba, hubba, hubba!
Must say that while I do find some of these lists tiresome, this one is nicely written and quite funny. Plus it has the right #1 ;)

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