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October 30 2009

Trailer and poster for Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'Psychosis'. Just in time for Halloween.

This was originally known as 'Vivid'.

Very nice, that is a definate watch for me. And Charisma playing a helpless character should be interesting.
Yeah i'll be watching too even if it seems to be hitting pretty much all the standard stops for that sort of psychological horror film (creepy "caretaker", central female character with a history of mental problems, old mansion etc. etc.). Still, maybe they can do something good with it and either way, it'll be great to see Charisma in something I actually want to watch. Plus any film directed by a guy called Reg Traviss gets my vote, it's just such an unHollywood name that it tickles me ;).

As an aside BTW, does anyone know where it was filmed, particularly the opening driving scenes ? I feel like I almost recognise it, especially when they come round the corner and we see a flat place with stones/ruins. Given the terrain and accents i'd assume it's meant to be in the Lakes but if anyone actually knows please do tell, it's gonna bug me all day I reckon.
Charisma belongs on the big screen.

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Unfortunately, I don't believe this will be hitting any big screens (at least certainly not in wide release, if at all), Pointy.
Never thought I'd be glad to see her in a lighter hair shade.

I'm chagrined to realize 1994 is now the old days.
Damn. . .why is it that this woman's smile puts a huge
smile on my face?
Love Charisma!
J Linc, is there any confirmation that this going straight to video? I'm hoping it at least gets a theatrical release.

Horror is not really my cup of tea, but I would love for Charisma to have a successful movie, in the hopes that we'd see more of her.
Agreed, iwantthefireback64! It never fails :) I adore her.

That poster is really awesome and creepy. In a recent interview she said she was really proud of this movie. The trailer looks pretty good. I'm excited to see the final product.

Saje, this movie was filmed in Somerset and London, England.
Aha, Somerset, thanks phillynikki. That might well make it Cheddar Gorge or surrounding area. Yikes, if I actually did recognise it that's slightly unsettling, only been there once and that was as a kid. Human brain eh, not a bad bit of machinery all in all ;).
I adore Charisma, but I'm not too optimistic about this movie.

[ edited by ShanshuBugaboo on 2009-10-31 22:58 ]
Happy to see Charisma getting the lead in a feature. Sad to say this movie looks very weak, or the person who made the trailer should not be in the business.
is this a smaller, indie horror production or more 'major motion picture ish?' the top billing is spiffy, regardless. For her sake, I hope the movie's awesome and she gets the cred she deserves.
It looks pretty indie to me (which is cool, 'Saw' was an indie horror picture, in many ways it's the most accessible genre to new creators and one of the last areas where talent and a good idea can trump big studio money). Just hope it gets a UK distributer.
I hope for her sake it does well or at least is warmly received by critics, however (crucify me) I kind of doubt it and I don't know if I would want to see if it not for her (i believe) leading role debut... however I can picture the Expendables making more of a splash considering the cast... and am excited to see Cordy and Parker Lewis (can't lose) do a film together. Even if another haunted house film.
but all the same, good on her it's long overdue!
Uh...Corin Nemec wasn't in the trailer, was he? Certainly didn't recognize him as either the husband to Charisma's character or the majorly scruffy groundskeeper-cum-serial killer suspect..could be wrong though.
Nope not this film, another one "The Bone House" or something, due this year apparently, according to imdb anyway.
allthattwiggery - Most of the critics really don't know what they are talking about IMO. I stopped listening to them a long time ago. I do agree about seeing it mainly because of her. She showed a lot of growth as an actress on her Buffy/Angel run and I want to see where it has taken her.
The thing about films like this is, if they're really terrible they tend to just quietly slip away so it won't hurt her career. But if it's a break-out 'Saw' style indie hit ...
@Rick42 - I more so look for the averages on Rotten tomatoes as it displays both critics and audiences, but this film having either one on it's side should help either way. If neither audiences or critics take notice - of course mostly audiences - then Saje is right, it'll just fade away.
But I think I will hold out for 'the expendables' - statham, willis, li, schwarzenegger, stallone, etc... plus Charisma... even if it is poorly received it's no doubt going to make a buck or two and also hopefully - if the role is large enough - lead to more film roles for her.

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