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October 30 2009

Trailer for the Dr Horrible fan prequel 'Horrible Turn'. This fan effort will be out on November 10th.

Totally cute! I had no idea this even existed. Awesome!
Heh, that looks like fun. Plus there's, like, jokes on the website. I'm going to be watching this when it premieres :)
This looks fun :D
Looks awesome. It'll tide us over until the real one comes out! :P
Looks a laugh, will check it out.

It can't be November the 11th though Simon, it's either October 11th - unlikely because they seem to be American and also not time travellers (though admittedly you can't always tell by looking) - or November 10th.
Okay... I've noticed that anything Vimeo streams very poorly on my Mac. I get stuttering audio and images that don't change as often as they should. So in this case I get almost 20 seconds of "rated PG" probably not the trailer they intend
It doesn't love Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) either, had to boot-up my XP box to watch it properly.

ETA: Ah, just noticed that it's got a little HD logo in the corner, try clicking that to turn it down to standard def and see if that makes any difference malformed (Flash doesn't - yet, it's in the pipeline - come with support for graphics accelerators as with e.g. NVidia chipsets etc. so hi-def flash videos can be too much for a lot of hardware).

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I turned off the HD and then the stuttering and no picture problem stopped. This does look like fun.
I loved it! But, despite the tounge-in-cheek subtext at the bottom, I dont like the idea of it being so close to the look of the official thing that any random might view it and think its official. Thats all, besides that, great!
WOAH that looks amazing!!!
This looks awesome! I love fan efforts!!
What wackybroadwaynightmare said!
I think this might one a fan effort I'm going to have to watch. Looks great fun.

Any people involved with it on here?
I'm rather looking forward to this for two reasons:
1. It looks genuinely funny and entertaining.
2. It actually looks like it's shot well and has good production value behind it. I LIKE that it looks like something official. Too often, fan efforts are so poor in quality, they can become unwatchable, despite their good intentions.

I'm excited, and we don't have to wait months for it or anything. It's coming in barely two weeks!

I'd like to hear what Joss thinks of it when it comes out. :)
Cool, loving the positive reaction.

You are correct, they do appear to be American, because they are. Or at least appear to be. While time traveling would be fun, the Large Halon Collider seems to keep breaking down, not giving a chance to go back to Oct 11th. So November 10th it is.
Wow, this looks fantastic. I completely agree with kungfubear's comment!
Mucho thanks for the tech help and info. I did look on youtube and its there too. Looks good, could be the best Whedonfan effort yet!
Looks awesome, but I really, really hope they follow all the Dr. Horrible canon (ie. The three comics.) It would kinda bother me if Moist and Dr. Horrible were besties when in the comic they were both adults when they met, but it looks good, and even if it overlaps with the canon or something, it'll still be cool. Does anyone know how long it'll be? Cuz I'd probably buy it on dvd if it were dr. horrible 1 length
I think they would get sued if they tried to sell it on DVD. Copyright and all that.
@drhorrible calls it "cool". @MoTancharoen adds "adorable".
Well that's very high praise indeed, right from the top.

But I will add my 2c and say I'm to looking forward to seeing it in it's entirety.
Ahh, yes Simon. Doesn't New Video Group just distribute it and the like? What I'm asking is, could Mutant Enemy give the OK if they got 40% or something like that? Or are there more hoops to jump through
Looking forward to seeing this!
I doubt they will be able to legally sell it on DVD. Or that they would try. These are funny people - I loves me the jokey website and trailer.
few more days and i get to see it ^^ can't wait
Very cool, can't wait to check it out.

Also, very impressed with it just from a production standpoint, looks great, would love to hear more details about the "making of".
Look forward to seeing this. Being out of the pop culture loop, I just watched Dr. Horrible on Hulu yesterday. What a riot! It could be this generation's Rocky Horror.

Question: what extras are on the DVD? The Dr. Horrible website seems to have been down for maintenance yesterday and today, or I'd check there.

@eyes of the world - Many would suggest it already IS this generation's Rocky Horror. It even has frequent, sold-out midnight sing-along events, where people throw and shout things at the screen and people perform the show on a stage in front of the picture. :)

If you're looking for info on the DVD, try this:
Just click on the Special Features tab. Also, this site has free shipping!
@kungfubear Wow, that *is* just like Rocky Horror! Hadn't heard of that. Thanks for the link info.
I would say that Dr. Horrible is bigger than Rocky Horror but people are more spread out and enjoy it differently.

I would argue that the modern day Rocky Horror is The Room. Although the music is missing.
I thought High School Musical was the modern day rocky horror? hmmm... Nah, I kid, this made me giggle so I might have to give it a go when it premieres.
Have to admit the 11, 10, 09 countdown through me off until it the date-card popped up (shameful, I know) clever and love it!
Beren77: "I dont like the idea of it being so close to the look of the official thing that any random might view it and think its official."

Huh? The worst publicity is no publicity. If people happen upon this thinking it's the real thing, then they'll find out it's not and they'll go check out the real thing. It's a win/win.

On the very remote chance that this is actually the Whedon camp's way of playing w/us, and this well done fan effort is secretly phase one of the actual Mutant Enemy dudes & dudettes own publicity campaign for the actual sequel to Dr. Horrible, I wanna be able to say I called it! But either way. Again. Win/win!
There are disclaimers all over the site and the trailer itself. Anyone who still ends up thinking it's not an unaffiliated fan project is beyond hope.
No, I dont think its win/win. DH was, for its small budget, very well produced. Im not saying this is not, by any means. Just that a standard was set, and this, a fan effort, isnt going to come to that standard. So, my thing about any random was just to say that if they did mistake it for the real thing, it might lead to a 'Well they could do it well once, with all the favours and people working for free, but I guess this is more like what it will be like in the future?'
Im not at all saying this fan prequal is bad. Far from it. I cant wait! Its just purely the badging/branding that is my concern. It did not have to be so similar. Thats all. Good luck to all involved :D.

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