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October 31 2009

More TV Vampires than you can shake a stick at. Both Spike and Angel get top mentions in this Toronto Star article about the popular movie and TV shows "that continue to vamp it up."

Totally agree with Spike being #1...Totally disagree with the statement..."sexiest, at least until he was figuratively defanged and turned into an unwilling good guy." What? First of all he was the sexiest where ever he was in his story arc, and second, I never saw him as being unwilling in being a good guy. I just didn't see it that way.
Good to see Spike and Angel at the top, and so glad to see Nick Knight on the list. That's one awesome vampire detective that's been too often ignored on these lists.
Eventually he wasn't unwilling, major point. ALtho I do go alittle far in my ficverse with the Scoobs' children calling him "Uncle Spikey."

And I also am glad to see Nick Knight mentioned. Interesting universe they had there.

And glad to see Joe Flaherty's Pittsburgh birthplace mentioned. (And Andrea MArtin was from New York.)

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I enjoy True Blood. It's an awesome show. Still have to check The Vampire Diaries out, though.
Wow - about half a dozen of these 'vampire' polls over the past week and Spike is invariably #1. Not bad for a guy who was never the 'headline' vamp on a show! Maybe someone should have gone with a Spike spinoff series or movie - even years later it looks like it could have been a success.
Glad to see Spike @ #1 and both Spike and Angel in the top 5. Would have been nice to see Barnabas Collins--the Ben Cross Barnabas from the '91 remake. Jonathan Frid (the original) was too creepy.

Two goofs in the article (both of which are pretty bad for a professionally written piece):

"With a Southern accent and a serious persona, Sookie falls head over heels for this bloodsucker and it's hard not to see why." The bolded phrase modifies the subject (Sookie) but is supposed to be referencing Bill, he of the southern accent and serious persona.

..."let's himself be taken over by it." SERIOUSLY. "Let's"?? How about Let's get a better editor, shall we? Perhaps one who lets us fix our goofs before this thing goes out to the masses?
I hoped for so long for more Spike. I have finally given up hope but it's been what? six years. Spike was a fantastic, one in a million character, like Spock.
I am still mourning a little, I enjoy Lynch's comics, but it still isn't the same as a live action with James would have been.
Best vampire ever. Best character ever.
Title pun fail: there was an awful pun that could have been made in the article title. I'm disappointed.

But of course Spike wins.

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