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October 31 2009

Hannigan-Denisofaroos? Alyson and Alexis take baby Satyana out on the town dressed as matching kangaroos for Halloween! Massive adorableness follows!

I love it! Especially Alexis's businessman-roo.
These people do not age!
Must be the demon kangaroo blood.
What a great looking family shoot. They look happy, in love, and having a great time.
So gracious of them to share with us.
Dear lord, this is actually the most adorable thing I've ever seen.
I love when they turn around to show off their tails. So cute.
Alexis is obviously a white Roo. More rare than the common brown ya know.
OMG can it be legal to be so cute? And funny.
Very, very cute. What a beautiful family.
It ain't right. That's too much cute-itude for just one family. I think they must be using up some other family's adorability, too.

I need to write a long passive-aggressive letter to someone complaining about this or hopefully getting someone fired.

Disgruntled in West Hollywood
Oh my gosh, so freaking cute! I love that Alexis has this look on his face that says "she forced me to wear this".
Made me feel good about life. Insides warm. Must find something fuzzy to hug.
Massive adorableness overload!!

Also hazaa first ever post!
Strewth, mate! :D
one more of many reasons to <3 those two! (um, three!) And thanks for letting us register!
*various unintelligible high-pitched noises of adorableness appreciation*
Oh yeah, Alexis definitely has a stupid grin on his face. It screams, "Why am I doing this?!"
I saw her on Ellen the other day, saying she was going to dress as a kangaroo, with her daughter in a pouch. I didn't think she was actually going to do it!

So cute.
Cute as cute can be, what a lovely family. Fair dinkum.

(sails fairly close to the "no pap shots" wind though but maybe it'll get a bye since everyone seems so happy in it)
Yeah, I despise anything that smacks of paparazziishness (was that a word before now?), but they're obviously out in public and what is a halloween costume if not for public appreciation? And yeah, cuteness galore.
Alexis -- and I never imagined I'd ever type this combination of words -- wears his kangaroo suit with dignity and aplomb.
She's just so frickin adorable.
That is the cutest thing in the history of ever.
Oh this is adorable. They don't look upset at being papped- quite the opposite. Alexis just looks...resigned to the whole scheme.
And ironically, Australia doesn't actually celebrate Halloween as a holiday.
I'm not big on all the Halloween stuff, but these are the most adorable costumes ever. Especially Alexis'. Coupled with his goofy expression: Hilarious. :-)
Alyson might just have the cutest smile to ever exist on this planet... and that roo outfit just takes it to another level.
OMG that is just so cute. I am ded from teh cute.

Its the built in pouch that makes the outfit! And Alexis looks so serious!!!
Ohmygod they look so adorable! Cutest family ever?
Absolutely friggin adorable!!

And Alexis' tail is just hilarious!

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omigod that is too cute!
This is the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning. And it made my day brighter.
I was with a non-whedonite friend who barely remembers having seen Aly somewhere on tv, and, after seeing the pics, she said she understands now why I love those people.

So adorable. And pretty. And cute. And adorable.
OMG Alexis looks so serious in that first pic XD
Heeeeeeeeeeee, baby Denisof has her daddy's scowl LOL I think she was sleepy. Those two just scream cuteness. And here I am, all about loving the dark garbs and they had to make me go awwww.
Omg, I think I just died from the cuteness! This has totally made my day! :D
I love the costumes!
Awesome. Just so awesome. XD
That's... AMAZING. O.O
Washington, DC, Oct. 31, 2009 -- Senator Daniel Perrin charged today that the Rossum Corporation has subjected members of his family to a "monstrous genetic experiment."

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It's times like these that make me proud of loving Alexis and Alyson so devoutly all along.
Too bad that they didn't use animatronics for the tail, that would be scary *snickers*
Very cute little family there. :-)

But did I miss something? These look like they were taken on the street and not at any official publicity event. Did Whedonesque relax the rules on posting paparazzi pictures? I remember they all used to get deleted with a scolding from the admins, but it seems like we're seeing more them lately.
That is just about the most adorable thing I have ever seen.
I don't know about scoldings, BrewBunny, ;-), but these pics can be an exception to the no-paparazzi pics rule. Call it a celebration of the new Whedonesque babies we've welcomed this year. Such quirks keep us fresh, wacky, and young-at-heart.

And, while I'm here, welcome to our new members. Please listen to the more senior folks here, punctuate properly, and read our About page, rules and all. Cheers!
I have no words. (Rather, I have no words that are immune to a rapid dissolution into squeeing, so I will refrain from speaking altogether.)
Pointy : Washington, DC, Oct. 31, 2009 -- Senator Daniel Perrin charged today that the Rossum Corporation has subjected members of his family to a "monstrous genetic experiment.

Aww - it's like we're sharing a brain, only you got to use it first. :(

No fairsies. But... funny. ; >

(It's not my intention to discuss site policy in general - but Alyson and Alexis seemed so delighted in these shots, and so pleased with their costumes - tails and all - and with being photographed, that these don't read like a pap hit-and-run at all. That makes a HUGE difference - to me, at least.)
I agree about the nature of the pictures, QuoterGal, and will take it a step further and say that this appears to be a planned paparazzi shoot to me. While Alyson and Alexis Denisof are both huge A-listers in my book, I doubt that paparazzi are camped out in their neighborhood everyday on the hope that they might come out dressed up as kangaroos. I could be wrong, but combined with Aly's mugging for the cameras, I assume the photogs were tipped off. It's a great way to get some nice candid family shots in awesome costumes, that's for sure!

And I just adore baby Satyana. She is the cutest little joey that ever was!
nawwwwwwww too much, too cute!!!
Felt a mighty urge to add my "Awwww" so cute !
I have feeling maybe it was a matter of this being a mutually agreed on date where it was known the photographers would be in Santa Monica and anyone in their local show-folk community who wants face time with the fans can show up.
Maybe it's a publicly scheduled Halloween celebration in Santa Monica at which some papps show up.
She says: "we did let the paps have the shot so they would leave".
They look... cute. Alexis looks embarassed, but in a good way.
They have got to be the cutest family ever!!!
I don't know what I like better, the fact that Alexis is in a whole suit, or his tail.

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