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November 01 2009

Christian Kane's Leverage to air in the UK. Executive producer Dean Devlin tweets that Leverage has been picked up by Virgin 1 in the UK and will air on the Freeview channel soon.

About time too, although I thought one of the big channels would pick it up.

Cool, Virgin1 need something to keep me there. Started off promising with Terminator (and I originally dismissed Chuck thinking it was some PC-World advert, fast-forwarding through ads and all) and Moonlight I never watched.

Still, c'mon, someone get Castle. Please.
Yes! Been waiting ages for this, was starting to think it'd never come over here.
I've never seen this, is it actually any good?
Normally I only watch "genre" TV, but following a good deal of positive comments on this one by people whose opinion I respect I gave it a go. Perhaps it's just the strong writing or the solid acting but this show seems to have that little something that most "genre" shows have. Maybe it's the hidden character focus it has behind the heist-of-the-week format. Anyway - long story short - Leverage convert here!
Great show ! Well worth watching - Funny and exciting - a Super cast of characters -well portrayed by all. We never miss it!

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