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November 01 2009

(SPOILER) Orlando Pop Culture Examiner interviews Georges Jeanty. He talks about S8 (vague spoilers at best), teases some about S9, and comments briefly about the possibility of an on-going Dr. Horrible comic. Spoiler tagged just in case.

Great interview.

Summer 2011 would be great for the start of Buffy Season 9 but Joss shouldn't rush it.If Joss wants a little longer break after the end of season 8,then by all means let him have it.

It does sound like the end of season 8 is going to set up season 9 very well.It seems to me that Joss is basically telling a two season arc now.We already knew it was probably going to be shorter then season 8 but I think this is the first time we've heard it is more finite.

It makes me think that the end of season 8 will be more like the end of seasons 2(Becoming),4(Restless) and 6(Grave) while the end of season 9 will be more like the ends of seasons 1(Prophecy Girl),3(Graduation Day),5(The Gift),and 7(Chosen).

The finales of seasons 2,4,and 6 had a more open book setup feel to the end of those where seasons 1,3,5,and 7 had more of a closed chapter feel.These season finales work perfectly as series finales where seasons 2,4 and 6 ended IMO with a little more clifhanger feel to them.Becoming with Buffy running away,Restless with setting up the mystery of season 5 and Grave ending with Spike recieving a soul.

As for other Buffyverse writers who Joss wants to bring into season 9 that were too busy for season 8?I seem to recall that Marti Noxon expressed interest in writing for Buffy Season 8 but couldn't due to her schedule.Wouldn't surprise me if she tries for season 9.

Georges mentioned a few times in other interviews that he's good friends with Juliet Landau and she follows season 8.
This weekend was the HalloWhedon convention.Nicholas Brendon
was there.I wonder if anyone told him the recent developments in season 8 with there now being a Buffy/Xander/Dawn triangle going on in the comic.I still get a kick at the casts reaction from Paleyfest to the Buffy/Satsu fling.So I'm pretty interested if the Buffy/Xander/Dawn triangle was brought up at HalloWhedon and what the actors like Nick or James Marsters reaction to it was?
Not surprised to hear that S9 is going to be more finite. In his most recent Q&A with SlayAlive, Allie mentioned that there weren't any plans for the franchise past S9, unless Joss decided he wanted to continue. Which would indicate that S9 would have to definitely wrap up in a neater package than S8 is supposed to.

I'm kinda hoping that Georges will continue on to S9. Given that he seems to be privy to quite a bit of S9 info (it doesn't sound like he's guessing, based on his involvement with S8), perhaps he will be continuing as the lead artist. If that's the case, I'd definitely agree to give him plenty of lead time, just so he can turn out the better work that he's capable of.
I want Georges to continue too.I like the continuity of keeping same artist for this.

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Georges has done a great job so far and I'm in as long as he and Joss want to keep things rolling -- thanks for the link on this and for the comments.

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