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November 02 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD nominated for 2009 TV DVD Award. You can vote for it to win in the "Best Extras" category.

And don't forget to mention it in best TV DVD title of the past year!!!
Voted. It'd be so nice if it won.
Voted. I also voted for True Blood and According to Jim. D:
Seriously, what DVD comes with an extra even half as epic as "Epitaph One"? And that's only one of them. Totally deserved.
I quite like the Buffy extras, but they don't do enough interviews with the cast, mostly with the crew. That's what kind of annoys me about the Buffy DVDs. However, with Dollhouse, you get a sort of even cast:crew ratio.
Vote for Dollhouse guys! I produced the extras along with my partner Adam Hauck.
If you produce the extras for S2, can we get a gag reel? ;)
Yes, gag reel please!

Everytime I see Dollhouse: Season One, I still get happy inside :)
How about an easter egg or four, michaelboretz? ;)

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